Honeywell L7000: Activating Arm Night

Honeywell L7000: Activating Arm Night


Arm Night activates motion detectors in Stay mode for an additional level of home security. Our video guide has everything you need to know. Alarm sensors on ...


Unlike on the older L5100 system, the L7000 supports what's called night arming. And you'll notice, most zone pages, you only have this top level section. You don't have a down arrow. Once you choose device type motion, you do have the option to hit down. When you hit down, there is one option, it's a toggle yes or no. It's called arm night. If we set it to yes and we save it, you'll notice when we come back out to the home screen, when we click arm stay, we have a clarifying option. This arm night, it's a toggle, and you can say yes or no. When you say no, you're telling the system arm just with doors and windows, no motion. When you highlight arm night, you're saying do doors and windows plus whichever motions I have selected with the arm night selection. So let's say, my living room is on my bottom floor. Maybe I have a ranch and I'm talking about my very bottom level living room. In the middle of the night, everyone's in their bedroom. Maybe they go to the kitchen, or maybe they go to the family room. But we're going to say to the family, we are never going to walk in front of our living room motion. So now that we have our living room motion set to arm night, if we arm it to night, this emotion is still active. So it's just a nice option to give yourself certain motions that are still active in the stay mode, but the special stay mode, the night stay mode. So that's an important feature that's offered with the L7000. It's a feature that the Vista series control panels could always do, but the old L5100s could not. So that's an option only if you have a motion programmed with the arm night. If all of your motions had that option off, you would not see this clarifying option. Once you have at least one motion active in that mode, you can arm to night, and then that motion will still be active. So that's our rundown of our 5800Pir-Res Honeywell motion detector programming, going to our Lynx Touch L7000.