Honeywell Lyric Alarm System: Z-Wave Compatibility

Honeywell Lyric Alarm System: Z Wave Compatibility


hi this is bryce from alarm grid and today we're going to be talking about the compatibility of z-wave with your honeywell lyric controller the great thing about your honeywell lyric controller is that it comes fresh out of the box with z-wave compatibility it has his own z-wave module built-in unlike the predecessors of the honeywell lyric like the elf 5200 l7000 Honeywell abysus where you had to buy pretty pricy z-wave modules to make them z-wave compatible this comes fresh out of the box being able to add a z-wave device to the Honeywell lyric is compatible with lights thermostats sirens water valves window shades almost plenty of z-wave device that you're able to add you can use yo quick set quick sets leg locks fortress sirens the Honeywell zlw stat is a thermostat the trained thermostat GE Cooper and traumatic devices z-wave devices to use what your Honeywell lyric and there's fairly simple to add and they include into your device all you have to do is when you do get your Honeywell Honeywell controller and you get it powered on you should see the option of security automation video smart scenes notices and settings all you have to do is press automations there you'll be brought to a menu where you'll see the category is the z-wave devices you're able to add in so switches thermostats locks garage water bells here your press down button and then tools you'll be given the option to include and exclude a device when you're when you want to add a device in be sure to press include there you'll be given the option to include your device you asked you to press the function key here we have a linear lamp dimmer and as you see here's the function key on the front this is used to dim lights so basically plug a light in you're able to control the level of the lights so once you plug this in make sure that you have it three feet away from the panel most see--we devices ask that is very close to the panel model including in so if make sure split away and plugged in and when you have it an inclusion mode just make sure you press the function key and it usually usually learn right in some appliances come test it from the factory so you most of the time or half of the time all you have to do is go back and go to exclude you are exclude it first and it shit pick it up when you press the function key and then you're able to go back after it's exclude it and then include it right back in once it's included once it's included in the panel it'll actually show right above it'll actually show right above in one of these categories here so if you're adding a lamp dimmer it'll go under a switch you had in a garage it'll go into a garage door opener a lots lots thermostats thermosets water valves go there now to control your and now to control your actual z-wave device you have to setup smart scenes these are things that you used when something is triggered or they run by schedule or time to basically set off these z-wave devices so let's say you want a scene where you open the front door and you want the lights to turn on then you'll go to smart you'll go to your smart scenes tab which was on the front screen again and you can set up a scene that does that so when you press smart scenes you'll have to enter your master code 1 2 3 4 that's the default master code but the master code is what you use to arm and disarm your system which is completely different from the installer code which you use to program now you'll give the options of all anytime trigger or schedule so schedule will be for time but basically for our time schedule so let's say you want the lights to turn on every day at 8:00 in the morning then you can set up a schedule scene or trigger it will be let's say as I said when you come in the door at the front door you set the system to disarm you'll have all the lights turn on and you'll have and in the light you know our windows or windows open with the window shade or you can do locks you can also set it up where your z-wave lock when you enter your code disarms the panel that is a special setting and the that's a special setting that you can set in the lyric when you add a user code you can apply z-wave disarmed when going through the smart scenes as I said earlier you'll just click your you'll click whichever you want so let's do schedule has no items to display yet because we haven't added in the z-wave device properly but then your z-wave device will show up there and you'll be able to create the scene there if you find this video helpful please hit the like and subscribe button if you want to be notified whenever we post videos please hit the notifications button if you need any help or support you can contact us at eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight or you can send us a email over at support at alarmgrid calm our chat is also open every month every day Monday through Friday from nine to five have a good