Honeywell Lyric LKP500: Advanced Level Programming


Honeywell Lyric Keypad: The Lyric controller is intuitive and simple to use. Its peripheral keypad, the LKP500, has been built ...


Hi DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. We're back in the Alarm Grid lab working with the Honeywell LKP500 auxiliary keypad. This is the keypad that goes with our state-of-the-art lever controller. And it does have a nice little display here. This is for entry points or other areas of your home or business where you want to be able to arm, disarm, issue panics and whatnot. So we're going to show you how to go into the advanced level programming. I will hit the number 3 here. And then you'll use the scroll, you'll see just beneath the 0. You can actually scroll through the three settings. So we have firmware, we have the default keypad-- if you wanted to completely default this and pull it off of a 6 Series network, and pull it off your lyric, after it's paired-- and then there's a reset. The reset is simply-- basically it's a reboot for the keypad, if you needed to reboot it for some reason. So the firmware. Once you're on that you hit select, which is the 1 key. And you can scroll through the different firmware visions for the keypad itself. The panel, the bootloader, the RF 6 receiver, and then the Mac address for this specific keypad. The Mac may be handy if you have multiple keypads and you didn't name them. So you can figure out which ones which, and then name them on the lyric controller in zone programming, or under the keypad programming. So after non-use it'll back out like that. To get back you just press and hold 3. We can scroll down and this time we'll go to default keypad. We can press the 1 to select. And once you're in here different, than the other sections where you use troll, you basically if you want to default then you hit the Delete button, which is just under Stay. If you want to cancel out, you can hit cancel. In this case we will default. But we'll wait to default so I can show you the other settings first. So I'll do a press and hold on 3. Because it just timed out there and we'll scroll right past the default keypad to reset keypad. And we can hit select, and then we would hit select again. Say standby, wait for reset. So now basically the LKP500 will reset power to it. There's a backup battery installed. So this allows you to reset your LKP500 without having to worry about disconnecting your transformer. In most cases that transformer may be plugged into a wall outlet where there's a screw holding it in. So rather than having to deal with unscrewing that and opening this up and disconnecting the battery, you can do a reset there just to refresh the keypad if it's giving you any issues. That's the first thing you want to do when having any problems with your keypad. When in doubt reboot. So now that it's reset, you have it still paired here. You can see it's disarmed, ready to arm. You can even test, hit away, and then enter a valid code. You can arm the system just to ensure that it still is paired. And then you can do a disarm by hitting the security down here in the bottom-- on the bottom right. And then enter a code. Now you're active. So that is how you would view firmware, default your keypad, basically removing it from your lyric controller and if you wanted to enroll in a different system. And then this is also how you would reset it and reset power. So if you have any other questions on advance programming on the LKP500 you can email us at and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.