Honeywell Lyric LKP500: Arm Away, Arm Stay, and Disarming


Honeywell Lyric Keypad: The Lyric Security System's peripheral, wireless keypad is an useful, great looking piece of equipment ...


[SWISH] Hi DIYers, this is Frank at Alarm Grid and we're working with the Honeywell LKP500 today. It's the Lyric auxiliary keypad. It's a wireless data back to the leader controller. And it requires a wire for your transformer to power it. We have an install video and a pairing video, as well. You can check those out. Today we'll show you how to arm and disarm on the keypad. Some people have-- We've had some customers struggle with figuring that out. Usually it does come with a little bit of time to work the keypad. But I'll just run you through it real quick. So the first thing we'll do is arm and then we'll show you how to disarm. We'll show you the Arm Away and Stay Mode. Right now we'll try Arm Away. The first thing you hit is this Away key. And then you'll see, it says Arm Away, Enter Code. I'll enter 4, 1, 1, 2 which is our default installer code. [BEEPING] It is the default on any panel. [BEEPING] You'll hear the beeping here. [BEEPING] At the main Lyric, you have the count down here at the LKP500. [BEEPING] And you'll see the flashing red shield there to tell you that you're in your exit delay. [BEEPING] The way you would disarm this, is you hit the security button down here with the shield and enter your code. [BEEPING] And that will disarm it. So you have Away here on the left. Obviously, Arm Away is when you arm the system and you want all the motions to be enabled when everyone is leaving the home or business. The Stay Mode will be when you arm it maybe at night, or when you're going out to work and you still have family members or people within the premise moving around, so you don't want to trip motions and have false alarms. So we can do that now. We'll do Stay. It says Armed Stay on the keypad. And then we can enter for 4, 1, 1, 2, or in your case any of your active user codes. And it'll do the countdown as well. Arm Stay has a count down. You'll notice that on the Arm Stay, it does not have an audible exit delay. The reason for that is you may have people at home asleep, so you don't want to wake them up. So that is why it has a silent count down. There still technically is a delay period on the Arm Stay mode,though. If you're interested in doing any instant arming where you eliminate your entry delay period, you can do that from the main controller from the Lyric. You cannot do that currently from the LKP500. You can only do simple Arm Away and Arm Stay and disarms. And then obviously, Panics as well, which will do in another video. So we have Arm Stay. It's almost done. Before it even arms-- We'll let it go ahead and arm here. The system will be in full Arm Stay mode. And it'll announce Arm Stay. And then you have the red shield here that will show that it's fully armed. So now in order to disarm it, you hit the security button down on the bottom right. And then enter 4, 1, 1, 2 or your active code and that will then disarm it. So that's how you arm and disarm from the keypad. If you have troubles on here, just like entering the home pressing the Home button from the home screen to get a number pad up and clear a trouble out after you've put a tamper cover back on or replaced the battery, you do the same thing from here you would just be a disarm. So you just hit the Disarm until it says enter code and then enter your code to clear it. In this case, we can just do a disarm. It won't really do anything. So that is how you would arm and disarm you LKP500 Lyric keypad. If you have any other questions regarding the LKP500 you can email us at And don't forget to subscribe to our channel.