Honeywell Lyric LKP500: Setting off a Panic Alarm


Honeywell Lyric Keypad: The Lyric security system's wireless keypad is the smallest, sleekest keypad that we've ever seen.


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. And we're back in the Alarm Grid lab working on the LKP500 Lyric Auxiliary Keypad. Today we'll show you how to issue a panic alarm from the LKP500. We've already shown you how to do it on the Lyric Controller itself by using the exclamation point and then the touchscreen itself. Similar process on the LKP500. It is a two button press as well. You can let your alarm company know whether you want to have them call and verify on these panics or dispatch immediately. Because it is a two button press normally, we would recommend having it dispatch immediately. But in order to avoid any false alarms, you can have them call and verify on these panics as well. So before doing any testing on panic's if you do have monitoring make sure that you're on Test mode. If you're not, you can just reach out to your monitoring company and put it on Test in advance. Assuming that you're either not monitored or you are in Test mode, we can move forward. So the first thing we're going to do is press the Panic button on the bottom left. It's always lit red. It does not mean there's anything wrong. It's just a light so that at night you can see it and press it. So you would press and hold that for two seconds. You'll see the keypad says press and hold for two. Then your Panics will light up. Now you'll notice that on our keypad only the Fire and Police are enabled. That's usually how it is. The Medical Panic-- you can enable if you like. The way you would do that is actually on Zone 996 on your Lyric Controller, if you would like to dispatch the medical team at any point. In this case we didn't enable the Medical, so we'll just show you Police and Fire. The Panic button-- you would press and over two. And then we'll press Police. Now if you had an audible Police Panic set to 24 hour audibles or response type the siren would be blaring right now. By default, the Zone 999-- the Police Panic is silent so that's so that you can press this without tipping off any intruders. And getting the police out there without any potential issues. So you'll see that-- so just in case anyone were to see the keypad it doesn't actually report on what it is. It says not ready to arm chime. It doesn't actually say that. This will just send out a keypad panic for security purposes. So we don't have any issues there with any potential intruders like I said earlier. So in order to clear that-- at this point, this has already sent out to the central station. So on the app-- the Total Connect app you should see an alarm on there. And then going out to the central depending on how you have it set up, it's then going to-- they'll call you or the dispatch depending on how you have it. At this point, you can now clear this, assuming that either you're just testing or it was a false alarm. You can then clear it by just doing a disarm. So from the LKP500 you'd enter-- hit the Security button on the bottom right. And then enter a code. An active code. In our case, I'm just using the default installer. And then it'll clear and go back to Ready to Arm mode. That'll send a restore to the central station telling them that you're OK. If it wasn't dispatched immediately-- usually at that point, they would have already dispatched. So that's sometimes the benefit of calling and verifying on those. If it was a false alarm usually I'd recommend calling the central station, informing them that it is a false alarm so that you can avoid any potential fines with your local authorities. So that's how you would trip a Police Panic. I'll do a Fire Panic quick. It will be very loud so as it goes off just hold your ears. We're going to do press and hold in the Panic for two seconds. And then it says hit the Panic key. We're going to hit Fire. [ALARM] The Fires going to go off. We then do a Disarm. Hold down the Security button. And we'll enter our installer code or whatever code you have. So the first one cancels the alarm out to the central station. It looks like it didn't take one of my button presses. So now we'll do that one more time. Hit Disarm. Say's enter user code. Enter 4, 1, 1, 2 or your code. And that will then clear it and put it back to ready to arm mode. So same thing with a Medical Panic. Press and hold the Panic button for two seconds and then press and hold whichever of the three Panics-- Fire, Police, or Medical you want to trip. And then that will trigger the alarm. Again the Police can be set for an audible if you like it to be to scare somebody off. That's just a setting on Zone 999. By default, it is silent, though. So and generally we recommend keeping it that way. So that is how you trip panic's on your LKP500. If you have any other questions regarding the Honeywell LKP500 or the Lyric Controller you can reach us at And please subscribe to our channel.