Honeywell Lyric Thermostat: Connecting a Phone to the Lyric


Honeywell Lyric Thermostat: Get Monitored! The Lyric's simple iPhone and Android apps ...


Chapter 4, connecting your thermostat. Now that you have installed your new Lyric thermostat, let's configure it with your heating and cooling system. First, you'll need to connect your smartphone or tablet to the thermostat network. Your new thermostat should be displaying a unique network name, such as Lyricstat 03. If the thermostat is not displaying a network name, touch and hold the weather icon for five seconds to reset. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, select your network name from the list shown within the app. In order to configure your thermostat, you need to connect your iOS smartphone or tablet to the thermostat network. To connect, exit your Lyric app and go to your iOS settings and view your Wi-Fi networks. Find and connect to the thermostat's unique network name. Once you are connected, close your iOS settings and return to the Lyric app to complete the setup process.