Honeywell Lyric Thermostat: Phone App Demo


This video is about Lyric Thermostat: Phone App Demo.


Hi. Life's busy, right? You're here, you're there, you're in, you're out. No two days are alike. That's life and that's the inspiration behind Lyric. The simple, beautiful way you can be comfortable when you're home and save when you're away. Lyric is striking in design, with modern lines and a soft glow when you change your setting. You can check the weather, set it to "Cool" or "Heat" and use the "Away" button when you're stepping out. How friendly is that? Because life is anything but routine, you can have full control over comfort and savings from your smartphone and tablet. Log in and the Lyric app will walk you through every step of installation. Once you're set up, you can change your thermostat on the fly with a simple tap. For those who like advanced settings, you can dive deeper to adjust your fan, change the brightness of your display, add a user and much more. If you want to add a user to your Lyric account, tap the "Menu" button, tap "Settings," then "Users." Next, tap the "Add User" button. Type in their e-mail address and tap "Send." After they receive your invitation and complete their Lyric registration, they will be added to your users and can access your Lyric-connected home. You can also create shortcuts for easy to use custom settings. Tap the "Plus" sign, choose the trigger, then your thermostat setting. Give your button a name and it's front and center on your Lyric home screen and ready when you need it. Create any shortcut you like. What's quicker than shortcuts? The Lyric Geofence feature. Use it and Lyric can know when your house is empty or someone is home. When you cross the boundary, Lyric can use your smartphone's location and change your thermostat to your preferred home or away setting. This is great for ever-changing schedules. But schedules aren't all that changes daily. So does the weather. If your home gets a bit humid, Lyric's "Fine Tune" setting will consider temperature, humidity and outdoor weather to dial in maximum comfort. So 72 feels like 72, not a sticky 75. You can also use the "Smart Cues" feature to be sent messages about unexpected in-home temperature swings and more. It doesn't need to learn a routine. It's smart, beautiful, convenient and ready for your busy life. Lyric. For more information, check out