Honeywells MAXPRO Cloud at ISC West 2012

Honeywell exhibits the MAXPRO cloud technology at the 2012 International Security Conference and Exhibition.

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Honeywell exhibits the MAXPRO cloud technology at the 2012 International Security Conference and Exhibition.


Hi everybody. I'm John Smith, coming live from the ISC Show West in Las Vegas 2012, and we're here today to talk about our new MAXPRO Cloud. MAXPRO Cloud allows users to access their video anytime, anywhere, while providing dealers with a new source of recurring monthly revenue.

The nice thing about MAXPRO Cloud compared to traditional DVR's is that it also reduces installation costs by eliminating expensive IT time spent on site, managing difficult firewall connections. MAXPRO Cloud also reduces service costs, by monitoring the local appliance where we get help notification for alarms, events, or camera loss, power fail.

An e-mail can automatically be sent to both the user and the dealer to notify them, and provide proactive support to let the dealer fix the system, before the customer even knows that they've had a problem.

MAXPRO Cloud through the user interface allows users to access either a single site or multiple sites all from a single user login. It's as simple as taking a camera, dragging it over, and having the camera display on the screen. The system is capable of displaying up to four cameras from multiple sites.

One of the benefits that we can do is we can view multiple video from different sites, all from the single login, so for dealers that have locations spread throughout the city or throughout the country, it's a very cost effective way of managing multiple video feeds, all within a single user interface.

Within our software we also have the ability of searching on alarms and events that have already occurred, so we can just simply click on our search function. We can choose one of our sites. We can either go to all the events that happened, at our Louisville location here, and in a moment, it will show all the events that happened.

So far there's only been one, there they are, we can just take those events, and we can drag them over here. Pick a different event here. We can support up to four different events that we can view video on. These events will play back a lot like a YouTube clip that'll play back.

You can take those events and we can move this box around. We can make it bigger if we want. You know and then from here, we can watch the video. We can see the event that happens live or recorded. We also have the ability of exporting that event.

Maybe you wanted to e-mail that event to the police or to the security group. We can take that. We can set up the e-mail. It said okay, it will process it and then you can e-mail it out.

We also have the ability of clicking on a snapshot here. We can take a photo snapshot of maybe we're capturing the perpetrator that came into the facility after-hours, and we can save that image, and then we can e-mail it out and put out a full, wide system alert on that perpetrator.

The nice thing about MAXPRO Cloud it also provides our dealers with a source of recurring revenue. We include a free basic service for all of the customers. We include the access anytime, anywhere, which really means you can access your video through a web interface, any connected device or you can access it through a mobile device like an iPad or an iPhone.

It's as simple as just clicking the picture here. We would just drag a camera. One of the things that mobile - there we go we've got the video coming up. We can also manage multiple locations from our iPad, so if I've got all of the same locations I've got here, I can see all those same locations on my mobile device.

I can control who can see which applications, and which cameras they have access to viewing, whether it's all cameras or just maybe at one single site. We can control that all through the user information permissions that are set up in the service.

MAXPRO Cloud also offers automatic updates, so any new features or services that come out, the Cloud will automatically send those down to the site, so a dealer never has to roll out a truck to upgrade or install service at another customer's facility ever.

It really increases the overall maintenance value of the contract for the MAXPRO Cloud appliance. With that we feel this is truly the last unit that customers will ever have to buy. We can offer hybrid capability.

We can't quite get over here yet, but we've got our unit over here that supports both analog and IP cameras, so it's great for legacy conversions, where customers want to add higher-definition IP cameras onto their legacy system, while protecting their existing analog investment.

Thank you for joining us here today at the ISC West show, I'm glad we could give you a little taste. Wish you were here to see it with us, but if you want more information go to, to see a full video of our application, and find out more information about the Cloud. Thank you.