Lyric Security System: Change Master Code

Lyric Security System: Change Master Code


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Hi, DIYers. Sterling with Alarm Grid here. And today, I'm going to show you how to change your master code. So one of the very first things you're going to want to do when you get your new Honeywell Lyric system, and you're ready for programming-- after you've watched our Lyric installation video, and you have it nicely mounted on the wall. You're going to want to start to program everything. You can start by programming your sensors. Or you can change the master code, which is what I would suggest you do first, so you don't forget to do it later. The default master code is one, two three, four, and if you forget to set it, then an intruder that breaks in, all they have to do is try the default code. If they're at all familiar with Honeywell product, they'll know that one, two, three, four is the master. So if you don't change it, you're letting someone just come in and try a default code and disarm your system. So we always recommend you change your master. And to change it, you have to use the master. So you hit Security. Then you hit Tools, and you type the existing master code. By default, it's one, two, three, four. If you've already changed it to something else and forgot how you did it and you want to change it again, as long as you know what the code is, you just type it in. And now you're on this screen. This is the master level programming screen. We have a video that explains installer level programming versus master level programming. So we invite you to take a look at that if you're not familiar with the various levels of programming of this system. But once you're in the master level programming, to change the master code, you hit Users, and then you highlight Master. So it's now blue. You can see it has four asterisks. That's security. Doesn't want to show you what the code is. But if you hit Edit, you can rename-- well, actually, on the master you cannot rename, but you can see that it's set, name master, slot zero two. The installer code is slot zero one for the user codes. Master code is slot zero two. Sub-user codes would be slot three, four, five, and so on, all the way up to the guest code is 47, and the duress code is user code 48. So master, on slot two, it says Z-Wave Lock Control. So that's something that can be toggled, yes or no. If you do have Z-Wave locks, you can have the lock disarm-- or unlock and disarm the system with the master code. That's what that's all about. To simply change the code, you tap where it says User Code. Again, for security reasons, they're not displaying what the current code is, but you can go ahead and change it. So if we do one, three, nine, seven, and Done. Again, it's showing asterisks. You just have to trust that what you did worked, and you're hitting Save. Without hitting Save, it will undo all the work you just did. And if we hit the Back arrow, now when we hit Tools and one, two, three, four, nothing happens. It kicks us back out. Basically, we gave a bad code. Same idea if we tried any-- one, two, three, four, It just verifies that we've now changed it to something else. If we do one, three, nine, seven, we're back in the master level programming, which shows us that we have successfully changed our panels master code. The master code is the code that the master user for the system should use to arm and disarm. OK? You can set up sub-users for your family members or your employees, but you, as the master, should use the master code. And it cannot be the same as the installer code. It does have to be unique, but we always recommend changing it away from one, two, three, four to a secure four-digit code that you will use to arm and disarm. And now, using that video or using this video, you have the ability to change that master code. So we hope you've enjoyed that. And if you have any questions on changing your master code, please let us know. And make sure to subscribe to our channel, so you're up to date on all of the great new Lyric videos that we're releasing, along with the launch of this revolutionary new system.