Lyric SIXPIR: First Impressions

Lyric SIXPIR: First Impressions


Hi, DIYes, Sterling with Alarm Grid here and today we want to introduce you to the brand new Lyric motion sensor. All right, so this is our first impression video on the new SIXPIR. All of the Honeywell lyric sensors are SIX series sensors, S-I-X. Basically, it's the new technology. It uses 2.4 GHz, which is a totally different frequency range than the traditional 5800 series sensors that use the 345 MHz range, and it's actually a low-band Wi-Fi range. We are expecting a wider range from the sensors back to the panel. In the old 5800 series, we got about 200 feet range. We are expecting about 300 to 400 feet out of the Lyric sensors.

Basically, we just wanted to show you our first thoughts when we unboxed the unit. We are not a hundred percent sure because we are still in beta, but we think the part number on this unit will be S-I-X-P-I-R or SIXPIR. This is a passive infra-red motion which is what the PIR stands for. That's just the technology that it uses for the motion sensing to detect an alarm. And basically, passive infra-red energy is the most common traditional way to detect motion in a home or a building and what it does is that it looks for a change in the ambient temperature in a specific area of the room. So if a human walks into a room, you have a temperature in the room. The human has a specific body temp that is gonna be much hotter than the normal room and that's how it can detect a change in that temperature to alert you to a motion alarm.

So, basically this will be the new 5800PIR-RES, which we happen to have here. so if we are doing a comparison from the old style motion to the new, you could see that very different sizing and shape. The 5800PIR-RES is a little wider. It has a shorter footprint, and it's got the hard plastic with the Fresnel lens for the motion on the front with the optional look down lens for the higher end motions. On the SIXPIR, you've got the hard plastic but then the entire front face is actually the Fresnel lens so very different style. On the wall, I think it looks pretty unobtrusive because it is all one style. We like the smaller size of these 5800 PIR-RESes so, obviously, a little bit bigger, but the fact that it is all white and pretty smooth face, I think looks pretty good. Overall, we think they did a good job here. We do imagine that over time they will have more motion options for you and potentially different style look and feel. But for now, this is the only motion that is available with the Lyric.

You could see it has the word Honeywell right on the sensor. That was something they never used to do with the old 5800 series sensors. So, on all of the new Lyric, they're branding each specific sensor, and again I think the idea is because it's got the MAC address and because it is firmware updatable, they're expecting once you buy this motion, this will be the motion for you till you ever get a new system because this Lyric is updatable and as new features come out, you push a firmware to the panel, you push a firmware to your sensors, and the sensor should be installed once and live there for the lifetime of your property. So the fact that they're putting Honeywell on there, they just want that brand to get out there, I'm sure.

At the top, you've got a little push button here, which when you push it down, you can then slide the back plate up and it removes away from each other. The internal circuit board is within another set of plastic that'd you'd actually have to pull this tabs and pull it out. It does have a tamper switch so there's a little post in the plastic here. As soon as soon as you remove it, this tamper switch pops out, so it is tamper protected and it's got a little CR-123A Panasonic lithium battery in here, which is the traditional battery used in a lot of the Honeywell wireless sensors out there now. We are expecting long life on the batteries the same way we did on the 5800 series sensors, five years on average.

And that's about all there is to look at on the inside because they are encompassing the actual passive infra-red in the circuit board within this plastic here so not much moving parts to it but simple is good. Less to know about and less to go wrong. On the back, there is some spots where you could do some knockouts for when you are mounting it with your screws. It also has some knockouts for the corner mounting, so if you wanted to put it in a corner, you could get it drilled into the side there and it would fit in real nice.

This device does not come with double-sided tape, at least it didn't with the beta, but it did come with two mounting screws and the old 5800 series motions did not come with tape or mouthing screws. So at least for our beta, they're giving us a couple of screws for mounting. We are expecting that eventually, for full release, it will have some better packaging. Right now, it's just a white generic box that came in, but we are told they are gonna have more consumer-friendly packaging for each individual sensor as well.

So, overall, we think that this is gonna be the most popular motion used with the Lyric and we are excited to get in and start doing some testing and some programming with it, so we can start giving you some more feedback on this particular SIXPIR sensor. So, we hope you've enjoyed this first impressions introduction video to the SIXPIR and if you have any questions on the Lyric motion, please email us, And also make sure to subscribe to our channel as we continue to evaluate our beta Lyric system and the sensors. We are gonna continue to release more videos about this exciting, new revolutionary system.