Lyric SIXSIREN: First Impressions


Hi, DIYers. Sterling with Alarm Grid here, and today we're gonna introduce you to the brand new Lyric SIXSIREN. All right, so the Lyric is our brand new revolutionary all-in-one, wireless security system that Honeywell has us in the beta program for. This system should be out by the end of this year we're hoping. If not, early next year.

And this is the latest technology that Honeywell has developed for wireless security systems. It is backwards compatible to the older traditional 5800 series wireless sensors, but it also has a whole new range of sensors called Six Series Sensors. Very different than the 5800 series sensors and this one is a sensor, or I should say a device that we're really excited about because it brings a lot of functionality to the table that the Lynx Touch had no sensor capable of doing. So, I think they heard the complaints or the feature requests from all of you customers out there that wanted a siren that could do more than just sound the alarm.

And not only is the case design much improved, you can see this looks very similar to a 5800 CO carbon monoxide detector or a 5808 W3 wireless smoker heat. It's got the round case design with a plastic head detector on the top. Although, it is just the siren. When you compare it to a 5800WAVE which was the wireless siren for the LYNX Touch panels or the Honeywell wireless sirens or systems, you can see there's just absolutely no comparison. This thing was a monster. It's so big it used up both plugs of one of your outlets so you lost the capability to use both outlets. It needed to be plugged in within 50 feet of a system. If you used the Repeater you could go to 100 feet but, while sensors had 200 foot range, this only had a 50 foot range because of limitations with the bidirectionality.

So, Honeywell, because the Lyric stuff works on a completely different frequency, it's actually on a 2.4 GHz WiFi range, it's able to be transmitting much farther to and from the panel. We're expecting 300 to 400 feet range on this device which is a huge improvement compared to the 5800WAVE. Obviously when you look at the size of these units, I don't even have to tell you how much nicer this one is and the fact that it's completely battery operated so no outlet needed. You're not low on the ground by the outlet. You can be up top, on the ceiling, wherever it's convenient for you to have another point of siren enunciation in your house. Beyond that, it's got a lot of other really cool features.

It also has a Swiss cheese style case design that is a very tell-tale sign that you're looking at a Lyric product, and it's got a back plate that removes from the front cover. It comes with four Energizer double A lithium batteries. These install opposite so positive on this side, positive on this side, positive, positive. You alternate them when you put them in. It's got a MAC address sticker so like all Lyric Six Series sensors, there's no serial number enrolled. There's actually a legitimate MAC address, 16 digits that you pair this device to the unit and this is actually a little computer.

With this MAC address, it's firmware updatable. So not only is the system firmware updatable, the actual sensors in the house, as Honeywell develops new features, they can get firmware updates themselves. We're expecting this. If it doesn't by launch, eventually as well as every other sensor in the house will give you temperature readings, true temperature readings of each sensor in the house. That's just one example of a feature that we heard is coming and not a hardware change. Just a simple firmware update to the sensor.

We think that's a vast improvement over the 5800 series devices. It is tamper protected both on the cover and on the case to the wall. So just like a lot of devices there's a little screw hole. If you put this to a stud, when someone rips the entire siren off the wall because they broke in and they hear it beeping at them and they wanna kill it, this tamper post pops away because this is held tight to the stud and when this gets removed you get a tamper alarm so it would just send another signal that the device is being tampered with.

It has the word "Honeywell" right on here. So if you weren't familiar with the Lyric design here, you'd have to just look at "Honeywell" and know you have a Honeywell system so that's something that they've changed with the Lyric Six series sensors as well. They're putting that Honeywell brand name on every sensor so you don't have to look at the panel to know what kind of system you have. You just look at door contact, or a motion, or your siren and you'll know it's Honeywell. You see right here in the middle, this is actually a bright light LED and that's really cool because it could give you system status, whether the system is armed or disarmed. Green disarmed, red armed. So instead of having to purchase a separate LED light or...There's a lot of custom ways to give you LED indicators that the system is armed or disarmed, but this does it all right with the siren.

If you're used to the LYNX Touch and having to use like a LYNX-EXT for any kind of siren or strobe that's not the 5800 wave, obviously that's gonna be much less of a need on this system because this sensor works so far away from the panel and gives you the bright light and the siren noise right at the device so you can use multiple sirens, and you'll have really good functionality for loud noise throughout the house.

Another thing that this will do, which we think is a really great new addition, is it will chime. So, just like when you open a door and the panel beeps and says front door, a lot of people said, "Well, that's great the panel does it, but my panel's at my front door. If I'm up in my bedroom, my kids sneak out the back door, I don't hear it." So they asked for "How do I get a chime noise up in my bedroom?" And in the past, you had to use a wireless keypad like a 5828 or a 5828V and to buy a whole keypad just to have something chime was tough because it's more expensive and more set up for the keypad and not everyone wants the keypad. They just want the chime. The beauty of this unit is that it will chime. It will actually give you the audible chime indication of the "beep beep" when the door opens.

So, if you put these throughout your house, now everywhere in the house, you're hearing that same chime noise when a door is faulted. So we think that's a really great addition. Cuts down on the need for extra wireless sirens, and you get a lot more value out of this one device than what the old traditional 5800WAVE siren would do. So we think this a huge advancement in terms of wireless sirens technology and we hope you agree.

That is our quick and dirty introduction first impressions video on our Lyric SIXSIREN. We hope you've enjoyed this video and if you have any questions on the Lyric Siren, please email and as we continue to evaluate this revolutionary new Lyric system, stay tuned and subscribe to our channel because we'll continue to be releasing videos on the brand new features, sensors, and capabilities of this system.