New Alarm Grid Bloopers

New Alarm Grid Bloopers


In this video, you get to see some various bloopers from Alarm Grid technicians Joe, Jarrett, and Jorge. Our cameras film both the finished project and funny bloopers and mistakes while recording. Not everything turns out perfect, so some mistakes get put in as well. And they can be funny to watch. We hope you enjoy!

Alarm Grid makes tutorial videos to assist users in operating their security systems. We believe that security systems are easily to set up, and nearly everyone can install one on their own without an installer. You just need some guidance to help you get started and learn the basics. That is why we have these videos to help you. We cater to customers using existing security systems, as well as new security systems. Every installation is different, and our videos are here to help you every step of the way. We also have a website with FAQs to provide you with additional resources and tips.

Installing your own security system might seem like a daunting task, but it really isn't. The truth is that most security systems today are wireless and can be fully installed using nothing more than a screwdriver. This is perfect for DIY users who don't want to have to bother paying an installer to complete tasks that they can easily complete on their own. Going with a DIY security system can absolutely save you a tremendous amount of money in the long run. At Alarm Grid, we make the process easy and efficient, and we prove that setting up your own security system can be a rewarding and pleasant experience. We invite you to check out our various YouTube videos and visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer. Make sure to check out our monitoring page to learn more about our various plans.


Blah, blah, blah, blah. It's good. [LAUGHS] Today, we're going to show you how to not record video. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SNIGGERS] Hi, DIYers. Joe here from Alarm Grid and today, we're going to show you how to add a hardwired siren. Nope. [LAUGHS] Excuse me. I have to get my "Best Dad in the Universe" coffee mug before Jorge starts his video. [LAUGHS] Hey, DIYers-- What's the Mac ID? Hey, DIYers-- What's the Mac ID? Oh, my god. [LAUGHS] Talk about is what you [GIBBERISH] [CLICKS] All right. Um-- This video is how do I check my Simon's XT firmware version. [CLICKS] (LAUGHING) Hi, DIYers. [GRUNTS] [INAUDIBLE] [YAWNS] Your button is-- OK. [LAUGHS] Hey. [LAUGHTER] [GIBBERISH] and today we're going to talk about the three different types of carbon monoxide detectors that you can install inside of your home. And that's not the title of the video. [LAUGHS] The Lyric system is-- [WEAK LAUGH] Today, I'm going to be-- [GIBBERISH] [LAUGHS] --talk about the Tuxedo Touch-- [VOCALIZING] [CLICKS] [LAUGHS] They're the same. I'd "showm"-- I'm-- I'm "showm." Damn. A four-wire smoke detector could potentially-- [LAUGHS] OK. Controller to your Honeywell-- something, something. But the four-wire smoke detector of this model looks (SLURRING) exactly-- wow. Whoa. A Total Connect 2.0 to disarm the system. Start here-- [HISSING] stop here. [LAUGHS] --er's. Joe here from Alarm Grid. Uh, tod-- [LAUGHS] OK. Ah! Now, both of the systems are exactly the same. The only thing that's difference betw-- the only thing that's differe-- --simulate as if it ran out of p-- as if it, uh-- [GRUNTS] Cut. So (VOICE CRACKS) normally-- [VOCALIZING] My [MUTED] voice just cracked, Uh-ah! [LAUGHS] And now, I need to select the receiver or the keypad 17-- [LAUGHS] OK. [BEEP] Start here. Now the, uh-- as all wireless-- [SIGHS] OK, let's try it later. [INAUDIBLE] has a phone input or a-- oh, my god! It's a 30-second-long clip. [SNEEZE] Sorry. You're good. I'm sorry. Start here. So when you're setting up, uh, the re-- rea-- [LAUGHS] (LAUGHING) Stop, cut here. The TG 1E or the TelGuard Express, it's a very unique and cool-- [LAUGHS] I might have to reschedule this today if I can't get these out. All right. Here we go. 3/4 of an inch. Does that make any difference? [MUTED] [LAUGHTER] For alarm systems in general, please contact the-- [LAUGHS] (WHISPERING) Stop, cut it. Over what does the alarm dock up-- [GRUNTS] Please contact us at [LAUGHS] Stop, cut here. Or mobile-- I'm sorry. On your alarm dock-- [GRUNTS] Fantastico! Email to or give us-- [MUTED] Feel free to give us a call at 818-- [GRUNTS] [INAUDIBLE] give us a call or-- no-- the-- [GRUNTS] If you have any-- stop, cut here. Touch Wi-Fi. If you guys have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at My name is Jorge, uh, and if you guys-- damn it! [LAUGHS] --general, please contact us-- [MUTED] Stop, cut here. [LAUGHS] All right, cut. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon so when we upload new content, you guys get notified. I'm Jorge from Alarm Grid, and I'll see you guys next time. What's wrong with you. [LAUGHS]