Bloopers: Summer 2022

Bloopers: Summer 2022


This is a compilation of outtakes from the first video shoot in our Kentucky office. This was the first time any of these technicians stepped in front of the camera to share their vast knowledge regarding security systems and equipment. They were understandably a tad bit nervous!

We started Alarm Grid with the idea that most folks can install and configure their own alarm system, and that doing so can save a lot of money. To that end, we share our knowledge of alarm systems freely in both written and video form. The technicians at Alarm Grid have nearly a century of combined alarm experience, with many of those technicians having other electronic system experience prior to their entry into the alarm industry.

We find that users who set up and configure their own alarm system are more likely to use their system, and less likely to have false alarm issues due to user error. Installing and configuring your own system gives you a level of comfort with using the system that you just don't get when it's installed and configured by someone else. Even if they go through the process of training you properly on its use once the installation is complete. But, in many cases, that training never happens.

So, that's why we produce so much written content, and why we make these videos, to empower our customers, and future customers, to take control of their own security.

Now, enjoy a few laughs at our expense.


[Music] okay is it working yes [Music] that is gonna be uh how you actually attach a high current cert uh high current siren uh to your uh [Music] i'm trying not to say ring the little bell uh to make sure you get notified whenever our new videos do come out i'm nathan [Music] i'm nathan with alarm grid have a great day now is it have a great day i don't even remember and that's how you install the ltm pa and pv i'm going to demonstrate how to install the lv we got a blooper if you found the video helpful or have any questions [Music] today i'm going to demonstrate on how connecting the 2gig ex site at uh also if you had any uh i know at alarm as well as not as well as well as with that not with that and that's how you install the ltm pa in no no which we will show you which we will show you um sorry we gotta start or if you use the lt can able [Music] enable if you found this video helpful [Music] if you have any questions on how to do this you can definitely reach us out to [Laughter] if you did enjoy the video if you would uh that's how you install the el not everybody for the blooper nipple hi you can reach out to us at support or you can go to our website support that's our email twice you can email us at support [Music] helpful please like and subscribe subscribe and that there is how we ins that there that would have been so funny though need to get notifications when we produce new product oh no not product you can reach out to us at support or you can go to our website or go to our website at uh and that's how you install the l and if you do then press the little bell icon and that would uh subscribe you to us and let us know that you like us [Music] i'm nathan from alarm grid have a great day oh so close [Laughter] i forgot have a great i'm nathan have a great day i'm nathan from alarm grid have a great day [Music]