Number of Zones On a Wireless System Cannot be Increased

Number of Zones On a Wireless System Cannot be Increased


In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid explains why the number of zones on a wireless system cannot be increased. The maximum number of zones that a ...


hi diyers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be explaining why you cannot increase the number of zones on a wireless alarm system pretty much for any alarm system the number number of total zones that's supported it's uh depending upon the system's firmware um the system's logic so to speak uh it only has space for a certain number of zones and once you reach that maximum number of zones then you won't be able to enroll any more sensors with the system now for wireless alarm systems you're typically using wireless sensors pretty much every wireless alarm panel is going to have a wireless receiver built in and then you're finding wireless sensors that are compatible that communicate at a compatible frequency with that receiver um if you want to use wired sensors with a wireless alarm system then pretty much in most cases you're going to have to get a wired to a wireless converter uh this is because a wireless panel isn't going to have the on-board terminals for letting you set up wired sensors and also you're not going to be able to connect a zone expander a hardwired zone expander with the panel so you're not really going to have a way to interface the wired sensors unless you use a compatible wired wireless converter such as a honeywell 5800 c2w a qolsys iq hardwire 16f there's a power g wire to a wireless converter so you need to find one that's compatible with your system some wireless panels will have a couple of onboard terminals for normally closed contacts um so you technically can have one or two wired zones on the system but not every panel is going to have this and really that's just a couple of zones and it's pretty limited on what you can do you're usually only going to use uh some contacts with that so if you want to add wired motions or something else then you wouldn't be able to do that you'd have to get a wire to wireless converter the way that those work the wired sensors connect at the wire to wireless converter and then the converter model module sends um a signal to the panel on behalf of those sensors and the system sees them as wireless sensors and they do take up wireless zones on the system so really the system is going to see those wired sensors as wireless sensors so even then you're still using wireless zones and like i said you can't exceed the number of total zones on the panel um the wireless zones they're going to make up pretty much all the zones on a wireless alarm panel so you need to keep that in mind now a wireless sensor may take up more than one zone on the system um usually the general rule is one zone per sensor but there are some sensors that will have multiple functions and they will take up multiple zones i'm an example of this just just one example um it's the honeywell 5821 which is a temperature sensor and a flood sensor so it uses up to three zones on the system so it has a high temperature detection zone a low temperature detection zone and then it also has a flood zone so it's going to use three wireless zones if you want to set up full functionality for the honeywell 5821 you don't have to use all functions if you don't want to but if you want to then they're going to take up three different zones that one sensor will use multiple zones and the way that the zones are differentiated they all use the same serial number but you enroll them using different loop numbers so when you're in programming for that zone you'll set the appropriate loop number based on the function that you want to use so that's how you get the one sensor to uh interface with the three different um wireless zones and it can vary depending on the sensor um refer to the manual for the sensor to see the appropriate loop numbers and go from there but in most cases most wireless sensors will just have one function and they'll just use up one zone but if you have a sensor that uses multiple functions then you'll need a zone for each function so keep that in mind and of course you'll need to get sensors that communicate at the frequency that is compatible with your system so if you have a honeywell system most of them will use 345 megahertz sensors 319.5 is the legacy interlogix legacy qolsys um 433 is legacy dsc so be sure to make sure that you get compatible sensors based on the system you are using and as you enroll them with your system you can't exceed the number of total zones because that's all the system logic can support you don't have any way of increasing that so it's recommended that you get a system that can support more zones than you think you will need um so that way you're prepared in case you go to expand upon the system later so that's actually one of the most important specifications for an alarm system is the number of total zones um just as as some examples um the old uh interlogix systems like i have the simon xdi right here it can only do 40 zones um you get a more robust system such as the lyric or the equelsis iq panel 2 plus they can do up to 128 zones so you'll get quite a bit more there so it's recommended you get a system with more zones than you think you will need just in case you ever need to expand upon the system later you may have not planned it originally but something may come come along down the line and you need to add more sensors so be prepared beforehand because otherwise you're going to be swapping out your entire system and that's pretty inconvenient so um that's why you cannot increase the number of zones on your panel the max zones that's all you get so um and the good news about a wireless panel is that they're all available from the start you don't need any expansion modules you don't have to add a wireless receiver like you would for a wired panel if you wanted to use wireless sensors so they're all there from the start it's just um you can't exceed that number so that's why you cannot exceed the number of zones on a wireless alarm panel if you have any questions about alarm panels or alarm monitoring 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