Overview - Alarm.com Video Analytics

Overview - Alarm.com Video Analytics


In this video, Joe from Alarm Grid provides an overview of Alarm.com Video Analytics. This is a special feature exclusively for compatible Alarm.com Security Cameras. By using this feature, you can set what type of activity should trigger alerts and notifications and which activities can be ignored.

By using Alarm.com Video Analytics, your compatible cameras can actively determine whether movement is caused from a person, animal, or vehicle. And you can set up your notifications to only get alerts from certain types of activity. For example, you might want to know if a person is passing by, but not if a vehicle or an animal is passing by. Additionally, you can also set up one or more "detection zones" within the shot. This way, you will only be notified when activity occurs in certain portions of the camera's field of view. This can be useful in many situations. For instance, you might want to know if a vehicle pulls into your driveway, but you don't care if vehicle is merely passing by. As such, you can set up a detection zone accordingly based on your needs.

To get started with Alarm.com Video Analytics, you will first need access to Alarm.com for video surveillance. You will need to sign-up for an appropriate alarm monitoring plan, such as a Platinum Plan from Alarm Grid. Both the Full Platinum Plan and the Self Platinum Plan will get the job done. From there, you will need to have your alarm monitoring company apply the Video Analytics package to your Alarm.com account. Doing this will also increase your monthly clip limit and your total clip limit from 1,000 clips to 3,000 clips. This does not include any additional clip package add-ons that you may have applied to your account. Remember, Alarm.com Video Analytics only works with Alarm.com Cameras that support the feature. Check and see if the camera(s) you are using support the feature. Most of the newer Alarm.com Cameras will support Alarm.com Video Analytics.



[SOUND EFFECTS] Hi, DIYers. Joe from Alarm Grid. And today, we're going to talk about Alarm.com video analytics. Now video analytics is a feature for Alarm.com video that's really, really cool. Once you look into it, you may find that it's a reason to get Alarm.com video in the first place. What video analytics does is it adds a whole bunch of features onto your Alarm.com video suite. Now Alarm.com video allows you to look through Alarm.com cameras, the Alarm.com app, or through a browser. You can set up boxes of triggers for motion so that when something walks in front of them, you'll get a notification. It'll save that to the cloud. You can attach an SVR onto the system to have 24-hour recording right on site. And it's a really great, strong, robust system. Video analytics is another feature that they've added on to the initial video suite. And what this does is it adds a whole bunch of really neat AI features into your cameras. What these are going to do is it's going to allow certain cameras that work with this. And to see which cameras are compatible with video analytics, make sure to check out the FAQ to see the list of cameras that do work with it. What this is going to do is it's going to allow the cameras to actually know what they see when something happens. And the way that this will show up is that-- let's say a person walks in front of a camera. When you get a notification through a text message on your phone with a picture of what's going on, there's going to be a box around the person, and it's actually going to say, person on top of it. If there is an animal, it will do the same thing. And if it thinks it sees a vehicle, it will also do the same thing. So it's really neat to be able to open your phone, see your text message, and quickly see what's going on on site. What this also allows you to do is tie in different triggers to events on your system. So that if a vehicle goes in front of a camera, you can have something specific happen, as opposed to when a person goes in front of a camera. You can have certain things happen at certain times of the day when certain things occur or not. It really expands the possibilities of what you can do with your system. And it's going to let you fine tune everything to work exactly the way you want so that you can better know what's going on on the property. Really, this feature, it's so new and awesome to use that it really puts Alarm.com video way out in front of a lot of the other video offerings. It's super slick. The thing works really, really great. Check out a demo of it. And I think you're going to be very pleased with what you find. So video analytics is great for the home because you're going to be able to see exactly what's going on. But it's even more powerful in a commercial situation. Let's say you have a building site or a construction site. You want to see what's occurring. Putting a couple of Alarm.com cameras up and then adjusting your video analytics to work the way you want is going to tell you when any workers are going in and out of a place, and a vehicle has pulled up, the deliveries waiting. Maybe you have an animal problem with wild animals getting in and you want to know when something happens. You can even cut out so that certain camera view in one part of the camera-- like this is your camera view, you can have the top-left corner look for animals and the bottom-left corner look for people. And those both would be a different notification for that. So as you see, there's a whole bunch of stuff you can do with it and the possibilities are really endless for the amount of notifications that you can set up. So from residential to commercial, really, any application, video analytics is going to help you better see and better understand what's going on with your site. Before you can use video analytics though, just make sure that you have the compatible cameras installed to use it. Then you're going to have to call or contact your alarm monitoring company and request that they turn this feature on. So you're going to have to work with them one way or another to get this powered up. And you may need to upgrade some of your cameras to be able to use it. But it's totally worth it. If you do have many questions though about video analytics, Alarm.com cameras, or Alarm.com in general, feel free to give us a call at 888-818-7728. Send us an email to support@alarmgrid.com or head to our website, www.alarmgrid.com. Enjoy the video. Feel free to subscribe. And if you want to be notified with post future videos, hit the notification button below, and we'll send you an update when we do so. Thanks for watching and have a great day.