Remove All Devices Button On IQ Panel 2

Remove All Devices Button On IQ Panel 2


In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid shows you the Remove All Devices button in the Z-Wave Devices Menu for the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. The Remove All Devices button is essentially a Z-Wave reset button, and it clears all Z-Wave devices from the IQ Panel 2 System. This button is typically only used as a last resort troubleshooting option when multiple Z-Wave devices are not working properly. It may also be used if the user plans on giving away or selling their IQ Panel 2 System, and they want the new user to start fresh and have the panel cleared of Z-Wave devices.

After clearing all Z-Wave devices, you will need to re-enroll any Z-Wave device that you want to continue using with the system. The devices will still think that they are actively paired with a network, so you will need to use the Clear Device function and clear them from the network before adding them. Remember, using the Remove All Devices function merely resets the panel's Z-Wave controller. It doesn't necessarily tell the Z-Wave devices what is going on. Keep in mind that Z-Wave devices are smart, and if they think that they are still paired with a controller, then they will not be able to re-enroll successfully.

Accessing the Remove All Devices button is quite easy. From the main screen of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2, click the small grey bar at the top of the screen. Then choose Settings, followed by Advanced Settings, and then enter the Installer Code. The default Installer Code for a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 System is 1111. From there, choosing Installation, then Devices, then Z-Wave Devices. You should see the Remove All Devices button in the menu. After clicking it, the IQ Panel 2 will ask you if you want to clear all Z-Wave devices. Upon clicking OK, the system will begin removing all programmed Z-Wave devices. The process may take a few minutes to complete.


hi diy-ers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be explaining the remove all devices button on the qolsys iq panel 2 plus this button is found within the z-wave devices menu and it accordingly removes all the z-wave devices from the iq panel 2 or iq panel 2 plus system this is basically a z-wave reset function it's what you use in a last resort situation if you're having trouble with uh your system z-wave controller if you find that multiple z-wave devices aren't working and you believe that it's the panel's fault uh not the faults of the individual z-wave devices then you might perform this function to remove all the z-wave devices reset the z-wave controller and then start anew you might also do this if you are selling the panel or you're giving it away because you don't want your existing z-wave devices paired with the system for one that's a common courtesy and two um it's just kind of it kind of keeps things safe because um just it's unlikely but if they somehow had control over your your own z-wave devices um well that you wouldn't want that um they're controlling their own z-wave devices so um if you want to have them start fresh with no devices paired then you might do this um like i said this is a last resort so try all the other methods first because uh you will need to re-add any z-wave device that you want to continue using with the system um you will need to clear it from the network um because even though this dev this this function it wipes all the zebra devices it clears all the devices from the network it doesn't let the z-wave devices know that they're cleared so in when the z-wave devices they're smart devices they'll think that they're still enrolled with the system so you need to wipe out the residual z-wave data and then add it to the network so i'll demonstrate that in a little bit um but and you also do that even if you're adding a new z-wave device so this is nothing new usually when you're adding a z-wave device whether it's you've used it before or it's a brand new one you always want to clear it from the network first so i'll be showing that off but um right now we have one z-wave device paired with the system it's a lock but let's get to the z-wave devices menu first uh so we're at the main screen of the iq panel tool we'll click the small gray bar at the top and we'll choose settings we'll choose advanced settings and then we're going to enter in our installer code which is ours is that the default one one one one we'll choose installation we'll choose devices we'll choose z-wave devices and then you'll see the remove all devices button right there just to show you that we have a zebra device we have our lock the front door and we'll back out and we'll choose remove all devices and it says this function will remove all z-wave devices from the network are you sure you want to continue it just as a fail-safe to make sure you really want to do this just in case you clicked it accidentally because this is a big step here you are going to have to reconfigure your z-wave network so we'll choose okay and then we're going to wait a brief moment while it removes all the devices this may take a few minutes so just be from the network patient okay it removed all the z-wave devices from the network so we'll choose ok and then when i click edit device you'll see there are currently no devices included because it cleared the lock from the network so if we want to continue using lock we have to re-add it to the network so like i said we won't just be able to add the device right away because the lock still thinks that it's paired with the iq2 so we're going to have to choose clear device and then we press the button on the lock the inclusion exclusion button and it has been successfully cleared from the network and just as a reminder you can do this even if the the device is paired with a different z-wave network a different z-wave controller or hub maybe you have it paired with your smartthings or whatever and now you're bringing it over to the iq2 for some reason you can use the iq2 to clear it or you can even do this if it's not paired with a network you'll still get notification that it is cleared but we've cleared it from the network so we can choose add device and we'll choose include and then we press the same button on the lock for this particular lock lock model and looks like it didn't go through we'll try again and it did discover the lock so um and we get a notification that this device uses the s0 protocol when the iq2 supports up to s2 but that's normal so we'll just press ok and we'll we're fine with the name and the type so we'll just choose add and now we've added the lock to the z-wave network on the iq2 so we'll choose include all right now we're not going to choose include i'm sorry we've already included it um we'll just choose the home button to go back to the main screen the lock's already added so we're we're fine with that um so that's the remove all z-wave devices um function on the iq panel 2. it clears all the z-wave devices from the network so that you can start fresh with no z-wave devices added it's a good troubleshooting tool last resort troubleshooting tool if you're having trouble with your z-wave network so if you have any questions about z-wave or the qolsys iq panel 2 plus or about alarm monitoring services send an email to support if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below if you liked the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank you