The Number of IQ Key Fob Devices Supported by a Qolsys IQ Panel 2



hi-dee-hi wires I'm George from alarm grid today I'm gonna be showing you guys how many IQ key fobs these are gonna be the Q s 1 3 3 1 - 840 these are the s-line key fobs and I'm gonna be showing you guys how many of these we can actually learn in to the closest IQ panel - and the IQ panel - plus because they're exactly the same thing it's just the plus has the power G daughter board card built-in but today I'll be showing you guys how to learn these in - the IQ panel - or the 2 + it's the same exact process so the first thing to ask is how many of these can you learn in so the system itself it supports up to 128 wireless sensors or devices it can be doors windows motion smoke seals flood detectors key fobs it supports up to up to 128 different zones what does that mean for you each key fob takes up one zone so theoretically you can have 128 key fobs if you really wanted to but the normal person that's using in an alarm system it's not gonna have 128 key fobs just laying around that are tied into their system because if anybody gets access to it they can easily arm and disarm your system and probably break in and you know steal things so we want to make sure that when you guys are learning in these key fobs I'm gonna show you guys this in a second that you guys whenever you're programming in sensors you're not going over the hundred and 128 now normally if you're installing this in a home or apartment or something residential you're usually not gonna use up all 128 slots for the system but it's nice to know that you have all those available zones if you guys ever want to add extra devices if you guys are installing this in a commercial location that's where you guys are gonna have to keep track of how many sensors and devices you guys are adding so to make sure you guys aren't surpassing the 128 limit if you guys pass 128 limit you're not gonna be able to add anything else so just keep that in mind all right so these sensors actually learning fairly easily they all have well the IQ too and the IQ 2 plus have that auto have the auto learn feature where you put the panel into the listening mode you trigger the sensor or the device today we'll be using the key fobs and and then it just picks up on the on the radio frequency you match the serial number and you just change any settings I need to be changed let's go ahead and get right into it so to program devices into your system you are going to need the dealer code or the installer code the installer code if the system is brand new it's going to be one one one one the dealer code if it's brand new the dealer code will be two two two two now if you have this activated with a company or if you yourself have changed the codes you want to make sure using the correct installer or dealer code so to do this you're gonna hit the very top button on the top of the in the middle of the screen it'll bring down the little menu you need a hit up settings once you hit settings you're then gonna go to advanced settings this is where you're going to need to enter in your user code you need to enter in the installer or the dealer code I'm gonna enter in my installer for now 1 1 1 1 if you enter in your code and you are not taken to this screen you are not using the correct code another screen you may get if you are using the correct code this will be my dealer code screen will be something like this again if you're not getting this screen you are not using the correct code you're probably using a master code which is not gonna allow you to go into program so I'm already here in the dealer menu it could have worked the same in my installer menu as well you're gonna go to installation the very top left button from there we're gonna learn in a new device so I'm going to hit devices and this is going to be a security sensor and I'm gonna go to the auto learn sensor this is gonna put the panel into listening mode now it's very important when you put the panel into listening mode keep it mind if anybody opens the door if anybody walks past emotion that's on that device is gonna send out a radial or radial signal when it sends that out the panel is gonna pick up on it so make sure when you guys are Auto learning sensors in when it brings up the serial number you guys match it to your device so I'm gonna go ahead and take out my closest Bob all right now to learn in this quotes is fob you have to press the unlock and the lock button it's the little circle in the middle and if you press those two at the same time press and hold and then release you'll see the red light come on and the serial number will populate now if you want to match the serial number you can look at the DL Delta Lima and it says eight five four five f5 it's the same that you see on on the qual Society - so now you know that the correct sensor was picked up by the panel after you match the serial number you're gonna hit okay now from here the only thing that you need to change is going to be the sensor name you can go ahead and give it a custom description I'll go ahead and I'll name it George Bob you can that's really the only thing that needs to be changed the sensor type is set to key fob again you can match the serial number in the top left which is a sensor DL ID the sensor group will remain as mobile intrusion voice prompts you can leave them on you don't need to enable chime and after you finish this you're just gonna hit add new and you'll see that one key fob is one is one zone that's my zone number two I can learn in the second one and you'll learn in a zone number three I'm gonna leave this as is after you're done just hit the little house icon it'll back you out to the main screen and then I can go ahead and hit the little lock icon press and hold so it'll arm the system away it'll let you know who armed it so I said hold it hit five armed away and then I'll go ahead and I'll disarm it by holding a little unlock button and Jorge Bob disarmed so that's basically just a quick video on how to program in a closest key fob it's probably gonna be that's the quickest way to learn it in as you see it easily starts arming and disarming your system these closest I these IQ fobs these s-line devices they actually have a range of 100 feet so they will arm and disarm your system up to 100 feet away now obviously if it's going to do construction and a couple of different obstacles the range may be decreased now there are other key fobs that work with the closest IQ panel - Plus this is the panel that works with power G devices and if you guys plan on using power G key fobs those key fobs actually have a range of up to 2,000 feet and again obviously if it's going through construction and different obstacles the range will be decreased as well but the power G sensors if you guys do have the IQ - plus they'll give you a longer range which I don't necessarily think you need when you're using an IQ v because you don't want to arm it from like Omaha away or anything like that but it's just nice to know that you have a little more range if like the system is on the far side of the house so yeah this was just a quick video on how to quickly learn in these IQ fobs as you saw we quickly got to arming and disarming right after we learned it in all we had to do was change the name on the key fob which you guys can change it to whoever you guys plan on giving the key fobs - as my name mine Jorge father if you guys have any questions about how to learn in different devices how to learn in IQ fobs how to learn in power G sensors or just getting the system monitored we do that as well you can send us an email to support at alarm grid comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified I'm George and I'll see you guys next time