Using Motions with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2


In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid explains how you can use motion detection sensors with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 System. The type of motion sensors you use ...


hydeia wires I'm George from alarm grid today I'm going to be going over can you use motions with a quill psious IQ panel 2 or a quill society panel 2 plus so simple answer to that is yes pretty much every security system out there you can use motion detectors with you just have to make sure that you're getting the correct and compatible motions that will work with your system now if you have the IQ 2 you can pretty much use any closest motions whether they're the normal three 19.5 megahertz or whether the are the rolling code encryption s-line motion sensors you can also use inner logic sensors because the daughterboard card that's in the normal IQ 2 is a 319 point 5 megahertz daughterboard card and inner logics uses that same frequency so you can use any wireless closest or inter logics and the closest s-line encrypted sensors can be used with the normal IQ too now if you have the IQ 2 plus this is where things get a little more difficult the IQ 2 plus has a power G daughterboard card built in every single IQ 2 plus has that and then it has one other daughterboard card there's three different flavors there's a 433 megahertz which is d-a-d se there's a 345 megahertz which is Honeywell and 2gig and then there's the standard one the three 19.5 which is closest and inner logics so depending on which IQ to plus you get will determine which wireless motions you can use or if you're using a wired motion you just need a wired to wireless converter of whatever brand that the second daughterboard card in the system is so for instance if you guys have the for 33 megahertz version of the IQ 2 plus you guys can use wireless DFC motions if you guys have the 345 megahertz version of the IQ 2 plus you can use the Honeywell and 2gig motion detectors make sure if you're using Honeywell they're not the sixth series encrypted motions the sixth series encrypted motions can only work with the lyric alarm system and then if you have the three 19.5 the standard one it's the same concept that we talked about in the beginning you can use closest or inner logics now again remember all IQ two pluses have a power G that's the main selling point of the IQ two plus so normally if you're getting the IQ two plus you're gonna be getting power G sensors first of all they're fully encrypted second of all they have the most range they have a range of 2,000 feet we've tested it we've pretty much we've seen people use them at 600 feet and they work perfectly so when you're using a power G sensor with an IQ - plus the range is about two thousand feet and then if you need to add a repeater on top of that they have a power G repeater which doubles that distance so it's just something to keep in mind when you guys are looking at using motions now this is just the wireless motions what if you have wired motion detectors while you move into a house or you're looking at upgrading your system that used to be a wired to a wireless system how do you take over wired motion detectors well good thing about these systems is that pretty much every wireless alarm system up there right now has a converter that actually takes in wired sensors you can you're still going to keep the wired sensors they're gonna remain wired but the actual signal whenever they fault whenever somebody walks by the motion whenever somebody opens or closes a door or window that signal instead of being wired directly to the panel it's wired to this converter which sends out a wireless signal to the main IQ to plus system now depending on which IQ to plus you have you want to make sure using the correct converter so for instance if you're using Honeywell they have a 5800 c2w that takes say nine wired zones and converts them into wireless zones if you're using the if you're planning on using a 2gig converter they have a 2gig takeover which takes in eight wired zones and spits them out in to Gig 345 megahertz frequency if you're using the closest converter it's called the 16f it takes in sixteen wired zones and it spits them out into a quill sis wireless signal on three nineteen point five and you can even do a test line encryption as well with that one the this 16 app is actually the only one by the way that will also take over two wire smoke detectors there are no converters out there right now for these other systems that will take over wired smoke detectors so if you have wired smokes that are to wire you can actually use the 16s and convert the two wire smoke detectors into wireless smoke detectors normally you don't see this with wireless converters you normally have to replace the wired smoke detectors if you're upgrading to a wireless system so that's something pretty cool about the 16 F and the 16 F also works with the standard version of the IQ 2 plus so when that comes with a three nineteen point five megahertz so just something to keep in mind but yeah you can pretty much use any wireless or wired motion detector that's on market and that's been ul certified with the IQ 2 plus system whether it's honeywell 2gig DSC and ER logics closest wired you just need to make sure that you have the right compatible IQ 2 plus and if you have any questions on the correct one or if one works with the other feel free to send us an e-mail to support at alarm care comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon so that way you enable notifications whenever we all play new content you guys will be notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time