Using the 5800COMBO With the Lyric Alarm System

Using the 5800COMBO With the Lyric Alarm System


In this video, Jorge talks about using the Honeywell 5800COMBO with the Resideo Lyric Security System. The Lyric supports 345 MHz 5800 Series Sensors like the 5800COMBO. The sensor will take up five (5) zones for maximum functionality. You don't need to program for functions you do not want to use.

The Honeywell 5800COMBO is what is known as a combination life-safety sensor. It looks for smoke, heat, low-temperature, and carbon monoxide gas. Whenever the sensor senses one of these conditions, it will send an alert to the security system to let it know about the situation. The system will then respond based on the programming settings for that wireless zone. Each detection function will need to have its own zone on the system.

If you program every function available for the 5800COMBO, the single sensor will take up five (5) zones. These zones are for smoke/heat detection, low-temperature detection, CO detection, maintenance detection, and end of product life detection. But you only need to program the sensor for the functions you want to use. Each zone will have a different Loop Number and Serial Number combination. There are actually two Serial Numbers used with the 5800COMBO. The second SN is one digit higher. For example, if the first SN is 1234567, the second will be 1234568.

The 5800COMBO is extremely versatile and convenient. Many users love the fact that they can get reliable smoke detection and CO detection out of one device. This saves space on the wall or ceiling, and makes it easier if you ever have to remount or replace the sensor. Keep in mind that you will need to test the sensor for both smoke/heat and CO detection capabilities. The 5800COMBO has two (2) separate test buttons for this purpose.

Pelase note that the Freeze detection activation will not be sent to the alarm panel immediately upon being triggered. These signals will be piggy-backed onto the next supervision check-in signal. For this reason, it can be up to 90 minutes from the time a free warning is activated by the 5800COMBO, and when it is transmitted to the system.


Hey, DIY-ers. I'm Jorge from AlarmGrid. Today, we're going to be going over whether or not a 5800COMBO works with a Lyric alarm system. So the 5800COMBO is a wireless combo smoke-CO-heat detector. So this sensor actually takes up to five zones if you program it to do all the functionalities. I'm going to go over some of the functions in a second here. So first of all, this uses a photo electric smoke detector, has a little gas chamber right here. It also has a fixed heat detector. So once the temperature hits 135 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat detector goes off. It also has a freeze warning. So once the temperature has dropped to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the freeze detection will go off. And then it also has carbon monoxide detection as well. So not only are you going to be able to program it to do smoke-CO, smoke, CO, heat and freeze, but you also can have the system programmed to notify you whenever it's end of life or whenever you need smoke maintenance. So the five zones that it can actually do are smoke and heat, we got CO, we have freeze warning, and then we have a smoke maintenance, and an end-of-life notification that will let you know when these need be replaced which is usually about every eight to 10 years. Now, I'm going to show you guys in a second that this detector does work with the Lyric system. Now, this transmits at a 345 megahertz frequency. And the Lyric system has a 345 megahertz receiver. Since both of these devices are Honeywell, which also is now known as Resideo They broke their alarm division into Resideo so we now call these Resideo devices, Resideo Lyric alarm system, Resideo 5800COMBO. Since this is all working on the same RF frequency, they will interact. And I'll show you guys right now. If I actually go into my Tools, so I'm going to hit Tools, I'm going to enter my installer code, 4112. Yours may or may not be different. I'm going to go over to programming, and I go to Zones. Now, I'm not going to show you guys how to program this sensor. We actually have a video that shows you how to program the 5800COMBO into the Lyric, but I do want to show you guys that I have every single sensor zone programmed into the Lyric system. So if you see here, I actually went ahead and I made 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 all programmed with this sensor. So you'll see here on number 3, I have my living room smoke detector. It is also the heat detector. That is, smoke and heat go on the same zone. We have a living room carbon monoxide. We have the temperature sensor. And then we have the maintenance for the smoke. And an end-of-life for the CO. Now, one important thing, when you guys are programming this sensor in is you do have to realize there are two separate serial numbers. One is the serial number for the smoke sensor and the freeze detection. That's going to be the normal serial number. And then the CO is the serial number but the last number is one higher. So the CO serial number is always going to be one digit higher than the smoke serial number. And if you guys want to confirm that, you can also go in to the Actual Zone and hit Edit. You'll see my serial number loop one. Now, to get hold of the different features that the sensor actually does, you need to use the different loop numbers. So for instance, my smoke and heat, and my temperature use the same serial number but my living room temperature is on loop three. My smoke maintenance is on loop two, so that's same serial number through all three. My carbon monoxide zone is one digit higher and it's set to loop one. And then my end-of-life for the carbon monoxide is same serial number set to loop two. Now to prove, I'm going to go ahead and back out all the way to the main screen, and I'm just going to set off a quick alarm. I'm going to just test the smoke and CO to show you guys that it actually does work. So I'm just going to press and release for one second. Press, release. Smoke sensor is good. Battery life is at least 12 months. The alarm will now sound in five seconds. Press test to cancel. Gives you a little bit of status from the sensor and then it'll go off in a second. As you see, we're getting the fire on the panel. I'm going to go ahead and disarm it. And you have to disarm twice when an alarm goes off. So I hit disarm again. So that was my fire. Now, my CO. Again, just press and release. CO sensor is good. Remaining sensor life is at least 12 months. Battery life is at least 12 months. The alarm will now sound in five seconds. Press test to cancel. I'm not going to cancel. I want the signal to go through. Carbon monoxide on the panel. Just go ahead and disarm. All right, so I'm using my master code to disarm the system. Now, you can also test the freeze detection if you want. You can grab a bag of ice and put it on the sensor. Once they hit 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the freeze detection will also go off. One of the ones that I didn't go over, which actually doesn't need to be programmed because it's an automatic, I guess it's an automatic trouble if the tamper goes off. So if somebody is messing with your smoke and heat and they take it off the back plate as I'm about to do now, you will get a tamper on the panel, and it's not one that you have to actually program. As you see here, it says tamper. And since this is technically my smoke seal and freeze, I'm going to get a tamper on multiple zones as you can see here. So he showed up three, four, five, and then six and seven. So to fix the tamper, you'd have to put the back plate back on. Simply twist, and the tamper will remain on the screen. So you have to disarm it. That way, if anybody ever messes with the sensor, and then tries to put it back together, and expects you to never know about it, well, the system will always let you know and you have to acknowledge it by entering in your code. I'm going to disarm again. Now, one thing with these sensors is that these do not have the one-go-all-go feature that the SIXCOMBO does have. So if you guys have a Lyric alarm system and you're looking at getting a combo detector, we have this in SIX series encrypted. Which means it's 128 bit AES-- Advanced Encryption Standards. And it actually has a one-go-all-go feature. What that means is if one smoke detector goes off, all of the smoke detectors in the house as long as there's a SIXCOMBOS and they're interconnected, which means you have that feature enabled in the programming, they will all go off. This 5800COMBO combo does not have it. It just doesn't have that feature. So if you guys have any questions at all, whether or not this 5800COMBO works with your Lyric system, if you guys have any questions whatsoever on how to get it programmed or even monitoring, feel free to send us an email to If you've found the video hopeful, make sure you hit Like on the underneath, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and enable notifications so when we upload new content, you guys get notified. I'm Jorge, and I'll see you guys next time.