Viewing Event History in Total Connect 2 0 on a Tablet

Viewing Event History in Total Connect 2 0 on a Tablet


In this video, Jorge shows users how to view the event history for their Honeywell System from Total Connect 2.0. Every system arm, disarm and alarm will ...


hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're going to be going over how to be event history in Total Connect now this is I'm going to be showing you guys how to view the event history and both an iOS device or an Android device so if you have an iPhone and Google - or an iPad or if you're using an Android phone Samsung or a tablet that uses the Android we'll be showing you guys the different how the apps look different but it's generally the same layout so you're actually going to be able to do the exact same things on both applications on but on different operating systems but there is a little bit of difference which I will show you guys in a second here so we're gonna be using Total Connect today with our l7000 just to start off right away I'm gonna show I'm gonna set off a panic on the l7000 that will come up in my history on Total Connect so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna hold down that red button to bring up my panic features and release it gives me the option of police or fire I'm gonna go ahead and hit police it's a silent police panic I'm gonna open up the application on the iPad first you'll see as soon as I start opening up the app it'll take me to the home screen on the iPad so on the iOS device on Total Connect you're gonna see the events or you're gonna see the main page it'll say the sensor alarm which is the panic what I what you're gonna want to do is go ahead and clear the alarm so that's gonna disarm that panic that I just set off you'll hear the panel beep now on the iOS device Total Connect your navigation bar is actually at the bottom so when you go to your navigation bar if you want to believe in history just click events once they hit events should show the latest ones so at 9:23 there was an alarm at 9:22 and a 9:23 which was just a second ago we disarmed it you can also see before the video I actually was testing it so I also set off the same alarm and you'll see it in the iOS event in history as well so the event history basically logs anything that you have done on your panel so if you've added any sensors if you've set off an alarm if you have any automation devices if anything was turned on or off you can actually control what events you want to be notified on on the Android tablet the event history the navigation bar instead of it being at the very top on the Android instead of it being at the bottom like the iOS device the navigation bar on the tablet is at the very top you'll see the grey bar it'll say home automation events and scenes what I'm gonna go ahead and do is hit the events and on this it'll show me the same information that it did on my iOS device that's why I said it's the same thing it's just a different layout so on the Android tablet again navigation bars at the top you hit events and it takes you to all your events you'll see at 9:22 and 25 seconds I had a an alarm which was this the silent police panic that I set off which on the tablet on the iOS device you see it was the same time 9 22 and 25 seconds and the same disarmed you can keep scrolling down and it'll show you all the events that the panel has logged now on both of these you can actually filter through these events so sometimes you may be flooded with events and you may want to just find particular ones so let's say you wanted to find events for alarms only what I would do I'm gonna show you on the iOS device first at the very top right on the iOS device you're gonna see that there's a two lines and it's gonna be that's gonna be your filter button on the top right you click that it's gonna take you to you vent filters that's the name of the submenu there and then you'll see it'll say filter by type it gives you the option of doing security system automation synchronization events now obviously depending on what you have on the panel it may change if you guys have video cameras you will also see video on there as well if you guys like I don't have video cameras on this one so it's not gonna come up online but any the any extra features on Total Connect that you have added they will be on these event filters so I'm gonna go ahead and do security system you can actually control the date so if I wanted to see just today I would go to today so let me scroll all the way we're on July 2nd let's say at 9 a.m. hit apply and now if I scroll all the way down it'll show me all of my all my notifications from July 2nd to today to this very moment right so you'll see on July 2nd starting at 9 a.m. there was nothing until 4:00 p.m. which is what you see right there and then but if I didn't have that filter it would have pages and pages of events on the Android tablet the filter it's actually going to be the three dots at the very top so if you're if you're scrolling through your events that bar actually stays there so when you're scrolling through your events that very top bar with with um with today's date to the right you'll see three vertical dots you just have to hit those dots it'll bring up admin log or filter admin log is not something that you actually see on the iOS device it's something that's for the Android only it's gonna show you basically what users have logged in Android kind of separates this iOS also shows you any users that have logged in or out if you haven't enabled but this you can actually force it to show you I'm gonna go ahead and go to the filters so you guys can actually see how to filter them out or how to filter certain events on a on the I on the Android tablet you can go ahead and do login logout save events I'm gonna go ahead and just back on out of here real fast return to my events I'm gonna go to filter again now on the event type because before I was an admin long so just having me filtered those out I'm gonna go to my normal events and you see on the event types again gives me the same options that the iOS device gave me security system automation synchronized events and saved events let's say I wanted to see if you have any let's say you have 0 devices and you have a garage door controller that's what we have learned it's ours you want to see when the garage door was opened or you would just want to filter those out you can go to automation I'll do my start date you can edit it just by hitting the pencil icon so the first thing it asks you is for the select start date I will do June 1st hit OK it'll ask you for a time I'm just gonna do 12 a.m. so that very beginning of the day and then the end date I'll do it two today gives you the current time 929 hit okay you can hit done if you want to delete what you've done and look at a different filter just to clear all I'm gonna leave it like this and hit done and then once you hit done like I said on this dis account they all 7,000 we have the garage door controller which is an automation I can control the garage door up or down I'll go here and you'll see all the events for my garage door now if you want to get rid of the filter click the three dots again hit the filter icon do clear all done and then it brings you to all your no more events on the Android tablet you can also view events if you look at the top left there's three vertical lines we call that the hamburger sign so you click the hamburger sign it brings up a sidebar like the actual website would like the navigation bar on the website which is to the left hand side from there again you can go to events you can go back to your home page I'm gonna go you see it brought me back I'm gonna go ahead and navigate though to events again so again on the Android there's two ways of doing it you can hit the hamburger sign in the top left or you can just use the navigation bar and just go to events on the iOS device the navigation bar is at the bottom yeah I went to the home on the screen I'm gonna go to events boom and again sorry many go to events and again the actual filter button on the iOS device and the Android is slightly different but it's gonna be towards the top right the iOS devices the two vertical lines with the sliding bars and the Android tablet are the three vertical dots at the very top right underneath the navigation bar you hit those and it allows you to create your filters now if you guys have any questions or anything like that whatsoever you remember you can always email us at support at alarm vidcom this is just a quick a quick brief brief video on how to view the event history on both a iOS device and an android device so if you guys found this video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications so that way you guys get notified whenever we upload more content thank you guys very much y'all have a great day