Z-Wave Light Status with Alarm.com

Z-Wave Light Status with Alarm.com




Hey, DIY-ers. I'm Jorge from AlarmGrid. Today, I'm going to be going over how the Z-Wave Light Status feature works on Alarm.com. So what is the Z-Wave Light Status feature? It's exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to look at the status of the Z-Wave light that you have learned in to your Alarm.com system. Now, in order to look at the status of the light, you do have to have automation enabled on your Alarm.com account. So you need to speak to your monitoring company if you're looking at adding that automation feature onto your plan. Once you have the automation added, you can actually go look at the status of Z-Wave Light, toggle them on or off. However, there is a limit. The limit for Alarm.com is 10 normal Z-Wave Lights. Now, I'm not saying you can add more Z-Wave Lights. For instance, if you moved into a house and you already have 20 Z-Wave normal lights throughout the house, you can still add all of them to your system and to your Alarm.com account. The one thing you won't be able to do is all 20 of them. Alarm.com has a limit of up to 10 normal Z-Wave lights or non-certified lights that you can actually view the status on. Now, what this means for you guys, let's say, let's just stick with the 20. If those are all normal Z-Wave and they're non-certified by Alarm.com, can only view 10 of those. You can actually toggle through the app which ones you want to view. All right, guys, so now I'm going to be showing you guys how to actually look at the Z-Wave lights status feature on the Alarm.com app. I'm going to kind of go into a little explanation of how you can toggle that for the uncertified lights, if you have more than 10 of them. And if you guys do have the certified Z-Wave plus lights, keep in mind, those aren't taken into account whenever you're counting up the 10 that Alarm.com holds. So one important thing, if you guys do have more than 10 of the uncertified Z-Wave lights, keep in mind, only 10 of those uncertified Z-Wave lights, the status, will show up on the Alarm.com. You can actually toggle them on or off, so you can select which ones you want to show, which ones you don't want to show. If you have the certified Z-Wave plus lights that are actually linked and listed in this FAQ below, you can actually go ahead and confirm those lights. And if you do have any of those, those do not count to the limit of 10. And those, you can have up to 50 of them and they're all going to show the Z-Wave light status feature. So what I'm going to do, I actually have my tablet here but instead of having the application pulled up, you can only edit the Z-Wave light status feature for the uncertified lights through the website. So if you guys are doing this on your phone and you guys only have the mobile app, you guys may need to open up a web browser and go to Alarm.com and log in using your credentials. Or, you can do it through a computer. But editing the Z-Wave light status feature will not work through the app. So just keep that in mind whenever you guys are dealing with this issue. So I'm on my homepage right now. I'm going to go ahead and scroll down. If you're looking at the website, you actually will see the very top. It will let you know all your videos, everything like that. We're going to want to stay on the homepage and we're going to just scroll down. Again, this is through the website. We're going to scroll down to Light tabs, to that little light box. On that light box, you see that right arrow key? You're going to hit that arrow key. And when you're in here, right now, I only have five. One important thing to also notice is whenever you go to Edit, the toggle switch for the Z-Wave light status feature if you have more than 10 uncertified lights. That toggle switch will only show if you have more than 10. Right now, I only have five on this account. And if you see, I'm going to click the little gear icon. That's normally what you would click to go in and toggle that Z-Wave light status feature to on or off. Right now, mine is only remote commands enabled. So I obviously want to have that enabled. But normally, what you would see if you have more than 10 uncertified Z-Wave lights is the light status feature. Now, this is very important. Why? Because if you have more than 10, the ones that do not have the light status feature enabled, you will never know if those are actually on or off. So whenever you toggle them to go on-- or I'm sorry-- whenever you just hit the toggle button to turn them on or off, you don't actually know what status they're in. So only 10 uncertified lights will be allowed to show the status feature and you will only see the toggle available if you have more than 10. If you don't have more than 10, you should automatically, that toggle won't even show up like how you see here in the app. It doesn't matter what light I go into, I can back out and hit the gear icon on another one, office, I can back out, go to backdoor, hit the gear icon, you see it's backdoor. The toggle switch is not there for any of these lights because I don't have more than 10. So that's how you edit it through the app. And again, it's all limited to the amount of Z-Wave devices that your panel can hold which is usually like in the hundreds, depending on what alarm system you have. Now as I mentioned below, that we actually do have a list. It's on our FAQ. If you're on the FAQ right now, it'll be listed below. If you need the link for it, you should be able to find that in the description as well. If you guys have any questions at all regarding the Z-Wave light status feature, feel free to send us an email to support@alarmgrid.com. If you found the video helpful, make sure you hit Like underneath, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and enable the notifications so whenever we upload new content, you get notified. I'm Jorge, and I'll see you guys next time.