Zippy the Chimp ADEMCO Commercial - c1985

Zippy the Chimp demonstrates how to use the ADEMCO 4160 in a commercial from some time around 1985. It's amazing to see how far we've come since then.

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Many people feel that alarm systems are too complicated to use. They don't have to be.

The 4160 control communicator from ADEMCO is so simple that anyone can use it. How easy is it? Well, to disarm the system, simply enter the four digit code, then press off and it's done.

To arm when you're leaving, enter the code and the away button, it's as easy as that. How abotu the more advanced features like Bypass? Well to bypass a zone, jus tenter the security code and the buypass. Then just enter the number of the zone you'd like to bypass.

As you can see the 4160's operation is incredibly simple and logical. You don't forget how to use it either, because the keys are label and the operation is so obvious.

User friendliness is important. And it's even more important when the system is packed with so many valuable features. The 4160 allows one master code and seven secondary codes. The microprocessor prevents a secondary code from disarming the system armed by the master code. This is especially useful for weekend closings and part time help.

The 4160 can protects six independent zone. All zone information can be seen with a glance at the consul's digital readout. For example, the display identifies each open zone. It identifies any zones with a problem and leet's the user know when central station communication is in progress.

Up to 2 consuls can be installed with up to 4 remote keypads and up to 4 key switches. Other valuable user features involve console illumiation for nighttime use, a stay mode which enables perimeter protection only, a chime annunciation function, a duress code and an instant funciton which cancels entry delay. The 4160 is as easy to install as it is easy to use. There are only 4 wires between the control and consul and end of line resistor supervision is included at no extra cost. Three zones are selectable for either normal or fast response. And the 4160 has been approve dby UL and the California fire marshalls for household installations. All panels are protected against lighting, radio frequency interference and transients. LightLightning protection is proven with a dramatic test which jolts the 4160 with high voltage.

The 4160 has a wide range of important ocmmunication features which make service and alarm response more efficient. It can communication in touch phone or pulse dial. ADEMCO low speed, ADEMCO high speed, SESCOA radionics and Radionics Superfast. All reporting is by zone for alarm trouble restore and shunts. Openings and closings can be recorded with the id of an user.There is a ground start capability which allows easy use with PABX telephone systems. The 4160 is designed and manufactured to the highest technical specifications. The systems high reliability and quality are the result of important considerations. For example, the 4160 has a flast membraine keypad. This was chosen because the membrain seals the switches from dirty grime, previously a common cause of switch failure. In a gas station or manufacturing operation, dirty hands can quickly ruin the keypad. With the 4160 you literally wipe the keypad clean with a damp cloth. The 4160 control communicator: an easy to use security system packed with important features for both the residential and commercial markets. No matter how sophisticated your customer, why should he have to monkey around with a confusing security system. He has better things to do.