Zone Status Indications on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus

Zone Status Indications on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus


Zone Status Indications on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus


Hey DIY-ers, Jarrett with Alarm Grid here. Today we're going to be discussing what the symbol next to your zone means on your Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. Now, the symbol next to the zone is basically telling or showing you the current status of that specific sensor or zone. Now, there are different type of statuses that you can get for the different zones, and that includes open, closed, active, idle, unresponsive, and tampered.

Now, you can always go up to your panel and always check the current status of your different sensors, you can sort between the two. There is an option for active and there's an option for all to be able to see all the sensors, and then active is obviously, so that you can see which sensors are currently active. Now, the different zone statuses it just basically tells you what's going on with the different sensors and everything, how we're going to jump in to that.

So basically, open-- the open statuses if you have a door sensor or a window a sensor, and you were to open that sensor. And it should-- basically the icon looks like a little link and if it opens the link is going to be broken, and it'll show you or tell you that the door has been opened or the windows has been opened, and it's going to be the little icon. Now, in other words, other people call it as a faulted states, so if you were to fault the sensor you're going to get that status.

Now, if you were to close to the door or close a window, then you will get the close status, and it's basically a little broken link that gets reconnected, and it looks like a little connected link. So it tells you that the window and the door has been closed, and in other words, other people call it restoring a fault, so just keep that in mind. Now, the other statuses like active, that basically goes for like motion detectors, life safety devices, environmental sensors, and glass break detectors.

Now, when it comes to environmental sensors that does include flood detectors and temperature sensors, and when it comes to life safety devices that includes smoke and heat detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. So basically, if any of these sensor were to be tripped, if a glass break detector were to pick up any glass being broken, and a trips the alarm or a motion detector picking up any emotion, smoke detectors et cetera, right? If any of these devices were to be tripped or triggered, then it's going to show the active status, and obviously if it's shown the active status it is going to set off the alarm on your panel, but that's when you will get that status.

Now, if the devices or if these devices are not triggering the alarm or anything and they're just sitting there, you'll get the idle status, which is basically looks like a little person just standing and that just tells you that the sensors are sitting there and it's not doing anything at the current moment. The active status icon looks like a person running, so you see a little dash if when-- if those devices were to be triggered.

Now, the other ones are unresponsive and tampered. Now, unresponsive-- what that means is that the sensor cannot communicate with the system. Basically, you'll be getting an RF supervision loss for that specific zone or sensor. So it could include like maybe the battery dying and it's no longer communicating with the system, maybe there's a signal issue, maybe it's a little bit too far from the panel. If you are getting that unresponsive status it is going to be a little question mark right next the zone, that you definitely want to be able to try to tell the sensor and see what's going on.

Now, the last status is the tampered status, which basically looks like a little piece or board being broken, and it tells you that the sensor has been tampered, either the front cover of the sensor has been taken off or the back cover, maybe a motion detector were opened. If that sensor is being tampered with and it trips a little tamper switch that's built-in to the sensor, then you will get that tampered status. You definitely want to check out the sensors, see what's going on if you are seeing that status.

Now, what we do actually I just wanted to show you an example on the Qolsys panel, we have a door contact, sorry, we have a door contact programs to the system right now and you can--

Press door open.

-- As you can see it is programmed through the system at the current moment, and I just wanted to show you the different statuses that, that does show up on the panel. So as of right now if you look at the panel currently-- right now there's nothing in active because there's no sensors that are currently active. This door contact is closed at the moment, so basically these are the different options where you can sort through all the different sensors

So as I was mentioning earlier, you have the active status, which if any of the sensors were to be active then you'll see it right here, and then if you wanted to view all the sensors you go to all. As of right now, we only have one door contact programs, but as you can see it is closed. So you have the closed link symbol. So if I were to fault the sensor.

Front door open.

Then you can see that the link has been broken, and it's giving me the open status. Now, if I were to tamper the sensor.

Front door open. Front door tampered.

You'll see-- you'll get the little icon that looks like the little piece being broken, and this is telling me that the sensor has been tampered. So again, if you do have any sensors that are showing the status, then you definitely want to try to troubleshoot and see what's going on. And those are the symbols next to your zones and your Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus.

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