1000-Feet 22/2 Alarm Wire

Professional installers and DIY users who want a large amount of 22-2 alarm wire should consider our 1,000 foot rolls. Buy your 22-gauge, 2-conductor wire from Alarm Grid.
Genesis WG-11021101 boxed - 22 gauge 2 conductor (22/2) unshielded stranded cabling, 1000 foot box
1000 ft. Genesis WG-11021101 22 gauge 2 conductor (22/2)
unshielded stranded cabling
List Price: $132.00
Our Price: $70.99
ADI PRO RT-8005101
22/2 Stranded, Unshielded Wire, 1000′ Box
List Price:
Our Price: $61.99

If you have ever installed a hardwired security system, then you probably know that there are many wiring options available. This is also something to know if you are considering installing your own hardwired panel like many DIY users do today. As far as wiring goes, 22-gauge, 2-conductor wire is just one option. This type of wiring is best-suited for non-powered security sensors, which include hardwired door and window contacts.

When looking at wire thickness, 22-gauge wire is slightly thinner than 18-gauge wire. Alarm Grid generally steers new users towards 18-gauge wire, as it offers a nice balance of wire run length and connection flexibility. But some users may prefer 22-gauge wire, as it is easier to manage and make secure connections. It can work especially well if the user does not need to perform any long or excessive wire runs. However, there may be some building codes that require the thicker 18-gauge wire option. But if you are not facing these restrictions, then 22-gauge and 18-gauge wiring can largely be used interchangeably. If you prefer using 22-gauge wire, then it should work just fine. Many users use 22-gauge wires for their security sensors and 18-gauge wires for their life-safety sensor.

If you see 2-conductor when looking at wiring, then you will know that there are two inner wires inside the larger cable housing. This is ideal for completing 2-wire connections. These are commonly used with non-powered sensors, such as door and window contacts. You may also use it for connecting a panel to a plug-in power transformer or an external siren. If a 4-wire connection is needed, you can technically double-up two of these wires. But many users just prefer to get 4-conductor wire to keep things more organized. Most powered sensors use 4-wire connections. These include devices like motion detecting sensors and many life-safety sensors.

Alarm Grid offers stranded cabling for its customers. This cabling is easier to work with, and it is less likely to break when bent, cut or stripped. This is not the case with solid core wiring, which is actually very prone to breaking, especially when handled by DIY users. Both professional and DIY users alike generally prefer stranded cabling when working with alarm systems. We offer stranded cabling from Genesis. This is a Resideo company that is known for its top-quality wiring products. With Alarm Grid and Genesis, you can be sure that you will get the wiring your need to properly set up your home or business security system.

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