500-Feet 18/2 Solid Core Alarm Wire

Alarm wiring is nice to have around if you have a wired security system or another electrical device that may require wiring. Our 18-gauge, 2-conductor wiring is perfect for alarm systems. Solid core wiring can be quickly stripped, prepared, and connected when needed. Buy 18-2 alarm cabling from us.
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If you are looking for alarm wire for your security system, then Alarm Grid has exactly what you need. The listings on this page are for 500-foot rolls of 18 gauge, 2 conductor solid core copper alarm wiring. This wire is extremely tough and versatile, making it effective for virtually any application where 18 AWG wiring is needed. We have found that 18 gauge wire is best-suited for alarm system wiring because it offers nice level of being flexible and easy to work with, while still allowing for fairly long wire runs.

Wire thickness is expressed in "gauge" or AWG. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire. If you move up in gauge and get thinner wire, you will likely find that it is easier to bend and control. But the downside is that you will not be able to do as long of wire runs, as thinner wire won't hold traveling electrical current as well as it moves down the line. Thicker wire with a smaller gauge specification can carry electricity further distances, but this thicker wire is also less flexible. We believe that 18 gauge and 22 gauge wires are best-suited for alarm systems, with 18-gauge being the go-to standard.

If you are just looking to buy one set of wiring, then 18-2 cabling might be your best bet. You will usually find that 18-gauge wire is perfectly capable for virtually any alarm system wiring application. The fact that this is 2 conductor cabling means that there are two (2) inner wires. This makes the wire perfect for 2-wire connections. There is also 4 conductor wiring for 4-wire connections. But really, you can just double up 2 conductor wiring and use it in the same way. The other option is to use 4 conductor cabling and leave 2 of its inner wires loose and disconnected. But that can appear less neat than doubling up 2 conductor wiring. If you decide to double 2 conductor wires, make sure to keep proper track of what is going where, as you never want to mix up or mistake your wiring. We recommend labeling all wires.

Solid core wiring is preferred by some installers, but we personally like stranded wiring instead. Stranded wiring is more forgiving and less likely to snap off when very tight connections are being made. But if you prefer solid core alarm wire, then you will be able to find some. However, our recommendation for anyone new to wiring who doesn't know which type to purchase to just get stranded wiring instead. This is the best way to ensure a successful wiring experience. You will also need a designated wire stripping tool for preparing the alarm system cabling.

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