500-Feet 18/2 Alarm Wire

For wiring your system, 18-gauge, 2-conductor cabling is some of the most useful wire you can keep around. Our 500 foot 18-2 wiring is very versatile. Buy alarm system wire here.
Genesis WG-11185501 boxed - 18 gauge 2 conductor (18/2) unshielded stranded cabling, 500 foot box
500 ft. Genesis WG-11185501 18 gauge 2 conductor (18/2)
unshielded stranded cabling
List Price: $128.00
Our Price: $101.99
ADI PRO RT-8006501
18/2 Stranded, Unshielded Wire, 500′ Coil
List Price:
Our Price: $61.99
ADI PRO 18/2 Stranded Wire
500′ Box of Unshielded Wire
List Price:
Our Price: $61.99

If you are setting up a hardwired alarm system or hardwired sensors, then you will definitely want to keep some wiring around. Any DIY user needs to have a stock of wire so that they can make the necessary connections. While having proper cabling is often an overlooked aspect of setting up an alarm system, it cannot be stressed how much good wiring can help in the process.

We offer stranded wiring that is easy for DIY users to work with. Stranded wire is particularly well suited for setting up alarm systems. This type of wiring can be easily cut, spliced and bent as needed to suit the needs of the user. It is easier to work with than solid wire cabling, which can easily become damaged when spliced or cut. We strongly recommend using our stranded wiring for any alarm system application and for any DIY user setting up their own system.

For wiring a system, 18-gauge wire is the go-to standard. It can be easily used as power wire, and it will have no problem transmitting the electrical current needed to power panels, sirens, sensors and more. This wire size offers excellent flexibility in terms of run-length and ease of connectivity. This makes it the best choice for anyone looking to complete their own alarm system wiring.

The 2-conductor portion of the name refers to the fact that there are two inner wires inside the larger cable. This is perfect for the two wire connections that are used with many transformers and 2-wire alarm sensors. Users should keep in mind that there will be some situations where four inner wires are needed. In these situations, 4-conductor wire is often better-suited for the job. But for jobs that only need two inner cables, this is the best option.

Alarm Grid offers cabling from Genesis, a company owned and operated by Resideo, formerly known as Honeywell. Genesis offers some of the highest-quality alarm system cabling in the entire industry, making it perfect for any system job. If you have a system and sensors that you need to wire, then you can expect top results with the Genesis 500 foot 18/2 Alarm Wire.

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