500-Feet 18/2 Stranded Alarm Wire

Alarm Grid offers many types of alarm wiring for your security system. We have found that 18-gauge, 2-conductor stranded wiring is the best type of cabling to use for setting up a new hardwired system in a home or business. The listings here are for 500-foot rolls. Buy 18-2 stranded alarm wire here.
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You will want to stock up on some alarm wire if you are setting up a hardwired security system. The wire is what physically connects any equipment to the system. This includes any hardwired sensors, communicators, keypads, and more. While most users now choose wireless systems that do not require any alarm wire, there are still many people who want to install wired systems or expand upon existing wired systems. And if you want to work with a wired system, then having some alarm wire on-hand is an absolute must.

For alarm system wiring, there are many types available. The listings on this page are for 18-gauge, 2-conductor wiring, which happens to be the most popular type of wire for use with security systems. This is because 18-gauge wire is quite flexible, while still being thick enough to support relatively long wire runs. And being 2-conductor is nice because you can easily use it with 2-wire connections, and you can even double it up for 4-wire connections. This will prevent you from having any loose unconnected wires if you instead used 4-conductor wiring for everything. While 4-conductor wiring is nice for 4-wire connections, using it with 2-wire connections means that two of the inner wires are left disconnected. By doubling-up 2-conductor wire instead, there are no loose cables. But you will need to run two cables instead of one, so keep that in mind.

The cabling here is stranded wire, which means that the inner copper wires have been split up into multiple strands. This makes the wire easier to bend and work with, and it is less likely to snap off and break than solid core copper wiring. We recommend stranded wiring for anyone who is new to alarm system wiring. Most professional installers prefer stranded wiring as well, simply because it is easiest to work with and maneuver. However, do sell solid core wiring as well for anyone who prefers it. But if wiring is a new task for you, then we will advise on getting stranded wiring. You will also need to get a wire stripping tool if you do not have one already.

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