500-Feet 22/4 Alarm Wire

Alarm Grid offers 22-gauge, 4-conductor wire in 500-foot rolls. These packages are great for 4-wire connections. Buy 500-foot 22-gauge, 4-conductor wiring from Alarm Grid.
Genesis WG-11045501 boxed - 22 gauge 4 conductor (22/4) unshielded stranded cabling, 500 foot box
500 ft. Genesis WG-11045501
22 gauge 4 conductor (22/4) unshielded stranded cabling
List Price: $104.00
Our Price: $83.99

You already know that Alarm Grid offers top-quality security systems and sensors. But what about the wiring needed to set up this equipment. If you buy a hardwired system or if you are taking over an existing hardwired system, then are you in luck. We sell some of the best alarm system wiring in the entire industry. Our wiring products come from Genesis, which is a company owned and operated by Resideo. With their deep roots in the security industry, Resideo knows how important it is to provide top-quality wires. That is why they make sure their Genesis wires are the absolute best of the best.

The listings on this page are for 500 foot rolls of 22-gauge, 4-conductor wire. A user might user 22-gauge wire if they want something a little thinner and more flexible than the standard 18-gauge wire used with most hardwired alarm systems. Thinner wire is often easier to work with, and it can be easier to make nice and secure connections. But it is also less suitable for longer current runs and high-power applications. If the building is relatively small and long wire runs are not needed, then 22-gauge wire can often be used to set up the entire system. But it's important to consider the fact that some fire and building codes may mandate the use of thicker wire. The user should check with any building regulations if necessary. This is especially true if the system is being used in a commercial setting.

You will typically want 4-conductor wire if you are using devices that require 4-wire connection. Some common examples of devices likely to use 4-wire connections include hardwired keypads, powered security sensors and 4-wire life-safety sensors. A 4-wire connection is exactly what it sounds like. It means that four wires are used to complete the connection. Since a 4-conductor wire has four inner wires, it is perfect for the process. It is also possible to use 4-wire cables for 2-wire connections. When doing this, you would just leave two of the inner wires disconnected and unused. But many users will prefer just using 2-conductor wire for those applications.

Alarm Grid sells stranded wire which is easy to cut, splice and bend without breaking. It is easier to use than solid core wire, which is actually very prone to being damaged. Many DIY users go to splice or cut their solid core wire, only to mess it up and make it unsuitable for a reliable connection. This usually does not happen with stranded wire, as it is much more durable and flexible. Even professional installers tend to opt for stranded wire options, since it is so much easier to work with. It is truly recommended for nearly any alarm system application.

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