500-Feet 22/4 Solid Core Alarm Wire

Alarm Grid offers many types of wiring on its site. These 500-foot rolls of 22-4 wiring are best used with 4-wire connections when the wire run is relatively short and solid core cabling is preferred. Set up your home or business hardwired alarm system using top-quality alarm wiring from Alarm Grid.
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If you are looking for wire for your wired security system, then Alarm Grid has you covered! We offer wiring that can be used when setting up a new security system or when expanding upon an existing unit. The wire here is great for 4-wired connections in which both data and power transmissions are required. This includes devices like system keypads, motion detection sensors, glass break sensors, and more. You can also double-up 2-conductor wire, but then you may be more likely to mix up the wires. If you decide to just use 2-conductor wire for your 2-wire connections, then you will want to label everything. Labeling isn't as important when you are using 4-conductor wiring, as each connection on a 4-wire device will have its own appropriately colored wire for organization purposes.

You can also use 4-conductor wire with 2-wire connections, as you can simply leave 2 of the inner wires disconnected. However, random loose and disconnected wire can look funny in an electrical box, so most people will just get 2-conductor wiring if they are only getting one type. But some people don't care about the random extra wires, and they just leave the extra cabling unconnected. And really, it can just be nice to have both types around so you are covered for any type of job.

You might also want to consider the thickness of the wire, which is expressed in terms of "gauge' (AWG). The lower the gauge, the thicker the wire. This 22-gauge wire is thinner than 18-gauge wire, which is the most commonly used type of wire for security systems. By going with 22-gauge wire, it will be more flexible and a little bit easier to work with. But you will not be able to achieve as long of wire runs with the 22-gauge wire as what is possible with 18-gauge wire, due to limitations in how far electricity can travel across the respective wires.

Please note that the wire listed here is solid core alarm wire. We usually recommend stranded alarm wire instead of solid core alarm wire, as stranded wire is easier to work with. But if you prefer working with solid core wire instead, then we have it available for you here.

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