AT&T Cellular Amplifiers

AT&T Cellular Amplifiers are perfect for users who want to boost the communication signals of their AT&T Cellular Communicators. Many alarm panels use AT&T Cellular Communicators to connect with servers like AlarmNet360 and Buy an AT&T Cellular Amplifier from Alarm Grid.
WeBoost 470101 - Home 4G LTE Cellular Amplifier
WeBoost 470101
Home 4G LTE Cellular Amplifier
List Price: $860.00
Our Price: $560.30
ZBoost ZB545
SOHO 3G Cellular Amplifier for AT&T & Verizon
List Price:
Our Price: $362.99
WeBoost 473105 - Home 3G Cellular Amplifier
WeBoost 473105
Home 3G Cellular Amplifier
List Price:
Our Price: $383.99
ZBoost ZB575X-A
TRIO SOHO Xtreme AT&T LTE Cellular Amplifier
List Price:
Our Price: $646.00
ZBoost ZB575-A
TRIO SOHO AT&T LTE Cellular Amplifier
List Price:
Our Price: $506.99

If you need to strengthen the signal for your devices that connect with an AT&T Cellular Network, then an AT&T Cellular Amplifier is a great option. Unlike a cellular antenna, a cellular amplifier will boost the signal for any device in the area that connects with an AT&T Network. This doesn't have to be a security system. It could be your smartphone that uses AT&T LTE. Or it could be any AT&T Phone that is used in your home.

A great aspect of a cellular amplifier is that it is essentially a plug and play device. Once it has been installed, it will begin amplifying the signal for any compatible device in the area. You will not need to enroll or program the AT&T device with the cellular amplifier. The signals will be amplified as long as they are within range of the amplifier. Most cellular amplifiers can work throughout a small home or apartment. In a larger home or business, the module may only amplify signals in a certain area of the building.

Cellular amplifiers generally consist of a few different components. There is usually a base module that is kept inside the building. This hub needs to be within range of the device that is connecting with the cellular network. You will plug this central hub into an outlet. The hub will then communicate with an antenna that is installed on the roof of the building to enhance the signals. The antenna is not too difficult to install, but some users may feel more comfortable having a handy man mount the antenna.

The cellular amplifiers listed on this page are all compatible with AT&T Cellular Networks. Alarm Grid also sells cellular amplifiers that communicate across other networks, such as Verizon. You should determine which network your alarm system uses and purchase the appropriate module based on your needs. Additionally, some AT&T Cellular Amplifiers may only work across a specific network, like the AT&T LTE Network or the AT&T 3G Network. Others will work across multiple AT&T Networks. Again, check which network your system uses and purchase based on your needs.

Having your alarm system communicate reliably across a cellular network is very important. When setup correctly, cellular communication is extremely reliable, and it is the recommended communication path in most situations. But if your cellular signals are weak, then the setup can quickly become unreliable and untrustworthy. Adding a compatible cellular amplifier will significantly boost the signal strength for your system and help ensure that sent signals reach their intended destinations every single time. It also helps that these modules work with other cellular devices besides alarm systems.

If you are experiencing poor cellular signals with your security system, then you should strongly consider adding a cellular amplifier. This is a great way to enhance your signals and make sure that your system communicates as it should. This can be particularly useful for end users in rural areas where cellular signals may not be the strongest. This is also good if your panel is placed in an area where cellular reception may be poor, such as the basement. You can expect great results with an AT&T Cellular Amplifier for your home or business.

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