b Connectors

B connectors are used with connecting wires together. They can help make your wired security system setup neater and more organized overall. They easily crimp unpaired wires into place and prevent them from breaking apart or splitting up later on. Buy B connectors for your hardwired security system.
WBOX 0E-SR100S - Dolphin B Connectors, 100 Pack
Dolphin B Connectors, 100 Pack
List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $8.99
WBOX 0E-SR1000P - Dolphin B Connectors, 1000 Pack
Dolphin B Connectors, 1000 Pack
List Price: $90.00
Our Price: $59.99
Dolphin DC100P - 100-Pack of Super B Wire Connector
Dolphin B Connectors, 100 Pack
List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $6.99

If you are doing some extensive wiring for your security system, then you might want to keep some B connectors around for connecting loose and cut wires. These B connectors will reliably crimp and connect your wires so that a reliable connection is maintained. Using B connectors is always recommended so this task, as they tend to offer better performance than just wrapping wires around each other or by using electrical tape to complete the connection.

You will likely find that B connectors come in multiple varieties. There are standard plain B connectors that are used for most applications. If you require additional insulation for the wires, you might also consider using gel-filled B connector. A gel-filled B connector will prevent moisture from getting inside, making them more suitable for use in an outdoor environment. Keep in mind you will need a wire crimping tool to complete s connection using a B connector.

The great thing about B connectors is that they are usually sold in multiple packs. You will get any B connectors to use in future applications or installations. They won't go bad or anything, so keep them in your garage, workshop, or shed for later use. You will be glad you have them around. Pretty soon you'll be crimping and slicing wires like a true professional. You might also want to get a wire stripper and cutter tool so that you can easily prepare the wire needed for splicing. Whether you need plain B connectors or gel-filled B connectors, Alarm Grid has the tools you need!

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