Dolphin B Connectors, 100 Pack


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The WBOX 0E-SR100P Dolphin B Connectors are terminal connectors that are used to crimp insulated wires in a single step. These devices serve as a splice connectors that utilize phosphor-bronze for insulation. 100 pieces are included in this pack. Buy the 100 pack of splice connectors here.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The WBOX 0E-SR100S is a 100 pack of dolphin B connectors that allow users to quickly and easily crimp any wires used with their alarm system. The connectors provide capacity for wires ranging from 24-gauge to 16-gauge. They use phosphor-bronze for excellent insulation and protection.

As splice connectors, the WBOX 0E-SR100S devices feature easy funnel entry and integrated test points. The plated phosphor-bronze insulation and piercing teeth help the connectors function as effectively as possible. The insulation cover offers high mechanical strength for a large number of different applications. Best of all, they eliminate the need for stripping wires, while offering great ease of use. The super B wire connectors are white in color, and they are perfect for both commercial and residential use.

Brand: WBOX

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