Gel Filled b Connectors

Gel filled B connectors are typically used in outdoor environments or in areas that may be exposed to the elements. This internal gel offers insulation and keeps moisture away from the electrical wiring. You will be able to easily crimp and splice wires using our B connectors. Buy B connectors here.
WBOX 0E-SR100S - Dolphin B Connectors, 100 Pack
Dolphin B Connectors, 100 Pack
List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $8.99

When setting up a hardwired security system or performing any extensive wiring, you may want to consider the use of gel filled B connectors. If you are not familiar with B connectors, they are crimping devices that allow you to easily connect unconnected loose wires. They represent a better option than just twisting the wires together or pairing them with some electrical tape. By using gel filled B connectors, you can keep your alarm cabling neat and organized. You will really appreciate this if you need to make hardware changes later on.

Gel filled B connectors provide better insulation and protection against moisture plan B connectors. This makes gel filled B connectors best-suited when working with outdoor electrical wiring. If you are just using electrical wiring indoors in an area where there is no possibility for moisture exposure, then you might consider getting plain B connectors instead. However, gel filled B connectors can still be used indoors without any issue. Their design just makes them capable of being used outdoors and in areas with excessive moisture or humidity.

A good thing about B connectors is that they are usually sold with many in a single pack. You can use what you need and store the rest of later usage. Some good places to store your B connectors for later can include your garage, workshop, shed, or really anywhere you keep your tools. Remember that B connectors are best-suited for use with copper wire. They should not be used with CAT5 or CAT6 cabling. You may also come across Dolphin B Connectors, which is just another name for B connectors. These common accessories all work in the same manner.

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