Emergency Fall Sensors

Emergency fall sensors can automatically detect if your elderly or disabled loved one suffers a sudden slip or fall. Many caretakers prefer these sensors over traditional button-press devices, as the individual might be unable to press and hold a button after a fall. Buy emergency fall sensors here.
2GIG F1-345 - Personal Safety Pendant with Proven Fall Detection
2GIG F1-345
Personal Safety Pendant with Proven Fall Detection
List Price: $112.00
Our Price: $74.99
Qolsys IQ Fall Pendant - Emergency Medical Alert Button w/ Fall Detection
Qolsys IQ Fall Pendant
Emergency Medical Alert Button w/ Fall Detection
List Price: $94.00
Our Price: $73.99

An emergency fall sensor is a type of medical alert sensor that is used for detecting if an individual experiences an accident, such as a sudden slip or a fall. This type of personal safety sensor has a built-in accelerometer that can detect rapid and unexpected movements. If your loved one suffers from a sudden slip or fall, the rapid movement will activate the sensor and have it send an alert to the alarm pane. This will put the security system into an auxiliary medical alarm, and a dispatch request will be sent out. Please note that you will want to have active alarm monitoring service for your security system, as that is the only way to receive automatic emergency dispatch from a central monitoring station, and to receive alerts regarding system alarm via text and/or email.

Emergency fall sensors that include built-in accelerometers are more advanced than traditional medical alert sensors. A standard medical alert sensor will only have a button for the user to press in the event of a medical emergency. Since there is no built-in accelerometer, these sensors cannot automatically detect a sudden slip and fall. The advantage to using an emergency fall sensor is that its built-in accelerator will detect rapid and sudden movement and alert the system even if the button is not pressed. This way, your loved one will still receive emergency assistance even if they are unable to activate the sensor manually for whatever reason. In some cases, this may even save a person's life, as its possible that the individual might suffer a fall so serious that they are unable to press the manual button on their own.

Just like a traditional medical alert sensor, an emergency fall sensor will still feature a manual press button that can be activated in the event of a medical crisis. This can be very helpful if your loved one experiences a medical emergency unrelated to a fall. By pressing a holding button, a signal will be transmitted to the security system so that emergency dispatch can be sent out. You should instruct your loved one to press the button even after suffering a fall, just in case the integrated accelerometer does not activate. Your loved one should never assume that the sensor activated just because they suffered a fall. Pressing the button should always be the primary method for requesting help. The accelerometer is just a backup option, in case your loved one is unable to press the button for some reason. Additionally, you should make sure your loved one knows not to jump around or make any rapid or sudden movements while wearing an emergency fall sensor. Doing so could cause the accelerometer to activate unintentionally and cause a false alarm. Make sure that the emergency fall sensor you purchase communicates at a wireless frequency that is compatible with your system.

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