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Gun security is very important for gun owners who want to ensure that their weapons are safe and protected at all times. Gun security devices can alert a panel if a weapon is moved, and they can prevent unauthorized users from firing the weapon without a valid code. Purchase gun safety devices here.
2GIG GNGRD1-345 - Gun Trigger Lock with 3-digit Combination
Gun Trigger Lock with 3-digit Combination
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Our Price: $83.99

If you choose to keep guns and firearms inside your home, it is crucial that you put protective measures in place to ensure that these weapons are kept safe. An intruder may access your weapons and use them in a crime. It's also possible that your children may get into your weapons and accidentally fire them. This can result in serious injury or even death. Monitoring your firearms with gun security devices will alert your system if anyone tries to tamper with your weapons. Gun locks also make it impossible to fire a weapon without providing a valid code first.

There are many gun security devices you might use with your alarm system. Gun tracking devices let your system know if anyone tries to move your weapons. You can configure these zones to cause a trouble condition or an immediate alarm. This way, you can receive alerts at the panel, on your phone and through email regarding any activity. Please note that appropriate alarm monitoring service is required to receive alerts. We recommend signing up for a monitoring plan from alarm grid based on your security needs.

You can keep your weapons even more secure with gun locks. These devices are fitted over the trigger of a gun. It will be impossible to fire the weapon without providing a valid code for the lock. This is somewhat similar to the function of a bike lock or a combination lock. Without removing the device, the weapon will be unusable. Any intruder who manages to access the weapon will not be able to use it. This can be very important for parents who want to ensure that their children do not accidentally set off their weapons. If you have a gun-owning household, make sure to teach your children proper gun safety and take proactive measures to prevent them from firing your weapons and causing severe injury. Many gun locks also function as tracking devices.

Most gun security devices for alarm systems communicate with alarm control panels wirelessly. The device will need to communicate at a frequency that is compatible with the system. The security system will need a wireless receiver for accepting signals sent out by sensors. Most wireless systems come with a wireless receiver that is built-in. Check the instruction manual for your security system to find out which wireless frequency is supported. Common frequencies for security systems include 319.5 MHz, 345 MHz, 433 MHz and 915 MHz.

Any gun security device used with your system will need to be programmed to a zone. This way, your system will know what action to take when the gun security device is activated. Common actions include activating an alarm or displaying a trouble condition. If you have central station monitoring service from Alarm Grid, you can receive automatic emergency police dispatch in the event that a gun security sensor is triggered. Consider the needs of your household, and determine if this is appropriate for you. Some users may not want an activated gun sensor to cause an alarm, but rather just cause a displayed trouble condition at the panel.

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