Honeywell Lyric Security Systems

​The Lyric panels are the latest alarm control panels from Honeywell. The Lyric lineup only includes two panels. These are the Lyric Controller and the Lyric Gateway. Both are compatible with the fully encrypted Honeywell SiX Series of wireless sensors. Check out the Lyric Controller and the Gateway.
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Honeywell has always managed to create exceptional security systems. This has continued with the Lyric Controller and the Lyric Gateway. Both of these panels are fully capable with of performing any function that one would expect out of a modern security system. Both come WIFI ready, and they can be upgraded to utilize a dual path communication setup that uses both IP and cellular connectivity. A cellular module will need to be added to the Lyric Controller or the Lyric Gateway before cellular communication can be used. Honeywell makes a series of cellular modules that are specifically designed for use with a Lyric System. Depending on the cellular module that is purchased, the Lyric Panel will connect with either the AT&T or Verizon network.

With WIFI or Cellular connectivity, a Lyric Panel is capable of syncing with Honeywell’s Total Connect service. Total Connect is an outstanding interactive service platform that makes controlling a Honeywell system easier and more convenient than ever. Total Connect can be accessed online using a web browser or remotely using the Total Connect mobile app. From Total Connect, it is possible to arm and disarm the Lyric System, check the status of any security sensors, view live feeds of any security cameras that have been set up, and even control Z-Wave home automation devices.

Speaking of Z-Wave devices, both the Lyric Controller and the Lyric Gateway come Z-Wave ready. Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol that is commonly used for home automation devices. Common Z-Wave devices include lights, door locks and thermostats. It is possible to use a Lyric System and Total Connect to have these devices activate automatically when certain events occur. For instance, a user might have their lights and Z-Wave thermostat automatically activate when they open their front door. Up to 232 different Z-Wave devices can be controlled from a single Lyric System

Another great aspect of the Lyric Systems is their ability to interface with Honeywell SiX Series Sensors. These sensors are fully protected by 128-bit AES encryption, making them virtually impossible for others to hack or spoof. This makes them arguably the most secure and reliable security sensors available today. These sensors are designed exclusively for use with the Lyric Controller and the Lyric Gateway, and they will not function with any other security system. Additionally, both the Lyric Controller and the Lyric Gateway are fully capable of interfacing with Honeywell’s diverse lineup of 5800 Series Sensors.

The Lyric Controller comes complete with a beautiful 7-inch LCD touchscreen display that is very pleasing to the eyes. The system is remarkably easy for new users to navigate, and it is an excellent choice for any DIY user. Meanwhile, the Lyric Gateway does not possess a display screen. Instead, the panel itself only consists of a keypad. Unfortunately this makes it impossible for the user to program the panel on their own. Any programming changes for a Lyric Gateway will need to be done remotely by the user’s alarm monitoring company.

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