Honeywell SiX Sensors

​Honeywell's SiX Series peripheral sensors are the most secure, encrypted security devices available today.
Wireless Door/Window Contact for Lyric Controller
List Price:
Our Price: $27.99
Lyric Smart Sensor Motion
List Price: $104.00
Our Price: $52.99
Wireless Siren for the Lyric Controller
List Price: $120.00
Our Price: $64.99
Wireless Glass Break Detector
List Price: $120.00
Our Price: $65.99
Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector for Lyric Controller
List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $65.99
Key Fob for Lyric Controller
List Price: $46.00
Our Price: $23.99
Wireless Door/Window Contact for Lyric Controller
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $23.99

Honeywell SiX Series sensors are the first peripheral security devices that support 128-bit AES encryption. As potential intruders advance their abilities to defeat alarm systems Honeywell continues to stay a step ahead! RF hacking and "spoofing" have become buzz words in the alarm industry due to a growing concern by alarm owners. SiX devices utilize a bi-directional wireless signal that is fully encrypted both ways. Unlike the predecessor technology of the 5800 series sensors, the SiX tech communicates to the alarm system via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) technology.

There are specialized protocols designed to scan nearby networks to prevent possible WIFI interference. The Lyric panel will choose the channel with least interference for starters. During the initial pairing process of the each sensor the panel will scan for local WIFI networks and avoid these in the future as well. The controller will also automatically stay away from commonly used channels 11-14 as a general rule. Real time battery and RF signal levels are reported to Honeywell alarm panels such as the Lyric Controller. This adds even more value to the SiX series line up.

It is clear that the dynamic technologies that make the SiX sensors the most secure peripheral devices in the alarm industry. Honeywell decided to take things a step further by increasing the range and reliability too. Previously, Honeywell 5800 series sensors like the 5811 operated on a 345MHz wireless frequency. In most cases this limited maximum RF ranges to about 200 feet. Now that the SiX sensors execute data transmissions over a WIFI signal they can travel over 300 feet! This increased wireless range could be the difference of protecting a detached garage or shed.

All in all the SiX security and fire devices offer a wide range of improvements and specializations. With that said some end users have complained about the larger physical dimensions of these devices. In some cases 5800 sensors may be the optimal choice. Especially when it comes to unique installations with smaller areas to work with. However Honeywell panels that support SiX are backward compatible with 5800. Building a hybrid system with both types of sensors may be best solution for certain installs.

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