What is the Easiest Way to Change Chime Tones on the Lyric?

The easiest way to change Chime tones on the Lyric is to access the Zones Menu, toggle Select Chime in the bottom-right corner, highlight the zone whose Chime you want to change, and toggle its set Chime at the bottom. This lets you change Chime without going into installer programming.

Chime refers to a sound emitted by an alarm panel when a zone is faulted or activated during a disarmed state. This is different from an alarm which occurs when the system is armed and a zone is faulted. The chime sound serves as a quick way to let a user know that an action has occurred, or that someone is moving around in a particular area. This action could be something like a door or window being opened, someone walking past a motion sensor, or really any activated sensor on the system.

Unlike most other zone settings, you do not necessarily have to go all the way into Zone Programming to change the Chime sound that is emitted for a zone. Instead, you can access all of your system zones and toggle their Chime settings from one convenient menu. This is often preferable, as fewer system inputs are required, and also you do not need the system's Installer Code (default 4112).

The steps below show the easiest way to change the Chime for a zone on the Lyric Alarm System:

1. Access Lyric Zones. Start from the main screen of the Lyric Alarm System. Choose Security, then Zones in the bottom-right corner. You are in the Lyric Zones Menu.

2. Toggle Chime. In the bottom-right corner, there is a Select button that you can toggle. By default, it shows Select All. Keep pressing (toggling) this selection until you have Select Chime displayed. This will show every zone on the system that can be configured with a Chime. This includes almost all system zones, but not life-safety zones or other zones that cannot use Chime.

3. Choose a Zone. From the list of zones, find the one whose Chime you want to change. Click on that zone to highlight it blue. You have selected that zone.

4. Toggle Zone Chime. At the bottom, click the button to toggle through the various different Chime options. When you reach the desired Chime option you have finished! You can then select a different zone to highlight it and change its Chime setting, or you can back out by pressing the Return Arrow in the upper-right corner. You changes will be saved.

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