In-Wall Fan Controls

Smart in-wall fan controls are used to operate your ceiling fan remotely. These devices replace the existing in-wall switches used to control your ceiling fans. Most of the smart in-wall fan controls we offer use Z-Wave technology for remote operation. Buy smart in-wall fan controls from Alarm Grid.
GE 46562
Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Switch
List Price:
Our Price: $41.99
GE 14287 - Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Fan Control
GE 14287
Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Fan Control
List Price: $112.00
Our Price: $74.99

Smart in-wall fan controls give you greater flexibility and freedom in operating your connected ceiling fan(s). These devices are surprisingly simple to use and super easy to get started with. As far as appearances go, they look exactly like regular in-wall light or fan switches. You simply remove the existing in-wall switch and replace it with the new smart device. Make sure to cut the power at the circuit breaker before you attempt to remove the existing in wall switch. Failure to cut the power could result in damage and/or personal injury.

Most of the smart in-wall fan controls sold by Alarm Grid utilize Z-Wave Plus technology for communication. This is great because most of our security systems support Z-Wave communication in some fashion. Even if you only have a standard Z-Wave controller or hub, you will have no problem integrated Z-Wave Plus devices or receptacles. Z-Wave technology is universal and almost always backwards compatible. Your new smart in-wall fan controls will surely make a great addition to your growing smart home network.

Our alarm systems can be controlled remotely using an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or This is also a great way to control and operate programmed smart home devices, including any in-wall fan controls. Both Total Connect 2.0 and can be accessed from pretty much anywhere using a mobile app on your smartphone. You can also use a web browser for this purpose. Once you have accessed the needed platform, you can turn your in-wall fan switch ON or OFF as needed. You can also include your in-wall fan control with customized smart scenes for automatic operation and control. This is an excellent method for managing your energy expenses and keeping costs to a minimum, while still remaining totally comfortable.

Many Z-Wave in-wall fan controllers can also be used to operate hardwired lighting setups as well. Make sure to check the specifications for the in-wall controls you intend on using, as there are usually restrictions regarding maximum power load and such. For ceiling fans, the power load is usually expressed in terms of horsepower (HP). A very small motor is used to move the fan and generate momentum. However, you still need to make sure that this motor does not exceed what the in-wall fan controller is capable of providing. This is usually not an issue if you are merely connecting one standard ceiling fan. But power restrictions and limitations may come into consideration if the connected ceiling fan is very large or if multiple ceiling fans are being connected to one in-wall controller. You might also look into in-wall light controllers for operating the hardwired lights in your room. These are often the same devices used for controlling fans. They will have their own power restrictions and specifications when used for controlling lights. Make sure that the light bulbs you use are compatible with your in-wall switches,

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