Fans are something that you will find in virtually any home. We offer smart switches that can be used to integrate your hardwired ceiling fans in with your smart home network. This can really make your life more convenient. Now it's easier than ever to control your fans. Buy fan accessories from us.
GE 46562
Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Switch
List Price:
Our Price: $41.99
GE 14287 - Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Fan Control
GE 14287
Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Fan Control
List Price: $112.00
Our Price: $74.99

Fans are probably some of your favorite appliances in your home. Although they aren't as important as a good AC system, they can still go a long way towards keeping you comfortable. Normally, you have to flip a switch or pull a chain to turn on your fan. But with a smart fan switch, you can do it from anywhere using an app on your phone. You can also include your fan with smart scenes so that your fan activates with certain system events or on a schedule. For example, you might have your fan turn on as soon as you return home and disarm your security system.

If you plan on integrating your fan with a smart home network, you should first consider what type of network you are building around. Two of the most common are Z-Wave networks and Apple HomeKit networks. Z-Wave devices are commonly used with alarm control panels, many of which double as Z-Wave controllers. You can then use an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or to control your Z-Wave fan switch remotely. You can also include the device with your Z-Wave smart scenes for automatic operation and added convenience. Please note that active alarm monitoring service is required to use Total Connect 2.0 or

Apple HomeKit is another platform that you might explore when choosing a smart home network to build around. The HomeKit platform is great for iOS users, as they can use their iPhones to control their Apple HomeKit devices from anywhere. They can also use Siri voice commands to conveniently operate their smart devices as well. Creating a robust HomeKit network is easy, and you can create special HomeKit scenes to control multiple devices all at once. If you plan on using a security system with HomeKit, you will want to choose one that is compatible. One option is the Resideo Lyric Alarm System.

Most smart fan switches are installed in place of your existing fan switches. You will want to cut power at the breaker before attempting to install a smart fan switch. Then remove the existing one, and wire the smart fan switch in its place. Be very careful to make sure that everything is wired correctly. You can restore power after the installation is complete. Most smart fan switches can fit nicely into a single-gang bracket for a neat installation. You will be able to control the can manually at the switch. However, the real benefit is the ability to control it with your other smart devices.

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