PowerG Environmental Sensors

PowerG Environmental Sensors make great additions to compatible alarm systems. Environmental sensors include handy devices like flood sensors and temperature sensors. PowerG Environmental Sensors can be conveniently auto-enrolled with compatible panels. Purchase PowerG Environmental Sensors from us.
DSC PG9933 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector1
DSC PG9933
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
List Price: $188.00
Our Price: $132.99

When you think of a security system, you often think of security and intrusion sensors like door and window contacts and motion detecting sensors. While these sensors are very important, there is more to an alarm system than just monitoring for break-ins. You can greatly increase the versatility of your alarm system by including environmental sensors and life-safety sensors. You likely already know that life-safety sensors include devices like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide. But what about environmental sensors?

An environmental sensor is a device that alerts a security system to unexpected changes in the environment. These changes aren't necessarily life-threatening, but they can result in serious damage if the problem isn't addressed in a timely manner. Some common examples of environmental sensors include devices like flood sensors and temperature sensors. These devices make great additions to nearly any security system. They are easy to use and program, and they can save you some serious money in the event of a broken HVAC system or water leak.

Flood sensors have a water probe that tells the sensor to activate and alert the system when moisture is detected. Water leaks are extremely common, especially in basements. An undetected water leak can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars. By intervening quickly, you can address the link before serious damage occurs. A properly functioning flood sensor will ensure that your system is alerted before this happens.

Temperature sensors alert alarm systems to unusually high or low temperatures that indicate a broken HVAC system. They should not be confused with heat detectors, which are property safety devices that alert a system to a fire. However, temperature sensors are still very useful. A broken HVAC system in the winter could lead to the pipes freezing and cause extensive damage. Meanwhile, a faulty HVAC system in the summer can lead to a very uncomfortably hot home. Detecting these problems early with temperature sensors is always recommended instead of discovering the problem after the fact.

The PowerG Environmental Sensors are some of the most advanced environmental sensors available today. These sensors have a maximum wireless range of 2 kilometers when used with certain alarm panels. They also utilize 128-bit AES encryption for added wireless security and protection. The PowerG Environmental Sensors operate at 915 MHz. They are compatible with DSC PowerSeries NEO Systems, Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus Systems, and the DSC Iotega.

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