PowerG Flood Sensors

PowerG Flood Sensors are perfect for users who want to make sure that their their homes and businesses are not experiencing any water leaks. A water leak can develop into a very serious problem if you don't take action quickly. But a flood sensor will help you detect leaks. Buy PowerG Flood Sensors.
Qolsys IQ PowerG Water Valve Kit - Z-Wave 700-Series Water Valve w/ PowerG Flood Sensor
Qolsys IQ PowerG Water Valve Kit
Z-Wave 700-Series Water Valve w/ PowerG Flood Sensor (IQWV908-KIT-PG)
List Price: $458.00
Our Price: $319.99
DSC PG9985 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Flood Detector
DSC PG9985
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Flood Detector
List Price: $120.00
Our Price: $85.99

If you have ever been through a flood or experienced water damage in your home or business, then you know how traumatic of an experience this can be. You might lose precious possessions to water damage, and you might need to make some major renovations to the building. It's an experience that you certainly do not want to go through. And it isn't just areas with heavy rainfall that experience water damage. A flash flood or a heavy rainstorm might lead to an unexpected water leak. This can even happen in dry, arid areas, where rainfall is extremely uncommon. In fact, this problem often occurs in these areas. People in dry climates are not expecting water damage to occur, and they often don't take steps to prevent it. You'd be surprised how many people in these dry climates experience water damage in their homes and businesses due to a general lack of preparation.

First and foremost, you should take steps to prevent water leaks, floods, and water damage from occurring at all. But even with the best preparation, you might still experience an occasional water leak or potential flooding situation. And when this happens, you will want to know about the issue as soon as possible. By knowing about the problem early on, you have the best chance of correcting the issue before any water damage occurs. Knowing about the problem when the issue first occurs could mean the difference between minimal damage and a serious flood that costs you thousands. And if you want to know about a flood early, your best option is to add flood sensors to your system. If you have a PowerG-compatible system, then PowerG Flood Sensors are probably your top option.

PowerG Flood Sensors are designed for use with systems that support PowerG Sensors. These systems include the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus and the DSC PowerSeries NEO Alarm Panels. Most PowerG Flood Sensors have an attached probe. When the probe is exposed to liquid, it will alert the system to the potential flood. It does not take much liquid to trigger a PowerG Flood Sensor, and you can rely on these sensors to activate reliably whenever a water leak may occur. This makes them some of the best additions you can make to a compatible system. It also helps that PowerG Sensors in general are some of the very best in the alarm industry. PowerG Flood Sensors boast an astounding advertised range of 2 km from the wireless receiver when used in an open air environment. They also utilize 128-bit AES encryption in all their communications, which helps to make them some of the most secure wireless devices available. The sensors are easy to program and set up for use with your alarm system. Overall, you can't go wrong with PowerG Flood Sensors for your home or business.

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