PowerG Repeaters

If you want to further extend the range of your PowerG wireless sensors, then a PowerG Repeater is for you. These repeaters will effectively double their wireless signal range and help transmissions overcome building obstacles and signal limitations. Purchase PowerG Repeaters here.
DSC PG9920 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Repeater
DSC PG9920
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Repeater
List Price: $240.00
Our Price: $169.99

Wireless repeaters make for great additions to security systems where signal range is a noticeable issue. The majority of home alarm systems today are wireless. These systems are easy to setup and install, making them ideal for DIY users. But if a user has a larger property or many obstacles in the home, then it's possible that range will become an issue. This problem can potentially be overcome with a wireless repeater.

Many users wonder how wireless repeaters work. The explanation is actually quite simple. Whenever a wireless sensors communicates with an alarm system, it sends out RF signals. The panel has a wireless receiver that accepts these signals for commands to go through. If a compatible wireless receiver picks up a signal, it will send it out a second time. This will effectively double the range of the wireless sensor.

PowerG Wireless Sensors already boast a very impressive range. When used in a open air environment, a PowerG Sensor has an advertised signal range of two kilometers. This range can depend on the sensor type and the panel that is being used. For example, the two kilometer advertised range is for DSC PowerSeries NEO Panels, and it might be less for other panels like the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. However, these sensors feature an impressive range regardless of which system they are used with.

It is important to keep in mind that signal range can be greatly reduced when a sensor is used in an environment with many obstacles. These obstacles can include thick concrete walls and large metal objects in the area. If that is the case, then a wireless repeater may be what you need to overcome these range limitations. Repeating the signal can strengthen it enough for it to successfully reach its intended destination.

PowerG Sensors communicate at 915 MHz, and the PowerG Repeaters will specifically look for signals at this frequency. The sensor signals will continue to utilize their 128-bit AES encryption when used with a PowerG Repeater. This makes all signal transmissions to and from a PowerG Repeater extremely secure. End users will appreciate the added peace of mind that comes with using encrypted wireless sensors.

By using a PowerG Wireless Repeater, you can boost the nominal signal range of a PowerG Sensor from 2km in open air to a maximum distance of 4km in open air. Please note that you cannot use multiple PowerG Repeaters to repeat the signal multiple times. However, you can use PowerG Repeaters in different directions if you are using sensors across a very large property with the alarm system in the center.

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