DSC PG9920

PowerG 915MHz Wireless Repeater

Dsc pg9920 powerg 915mhz wireless repeater
  • Dsc pg9920 powerg 915mhz wireless repeater
  • Dsc pg9920 internal powerg 915mhz wireless repeater

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The DSC PG9920 PowerG Wireless Repeater will repeat the signal for wireless PowerG Sensors. This effectively doubles the already impressive range of the sensor. With this repeater, a PowerG Sensor can achieve a maximum distance of 4km with a clear line of sight. Buy the PG9920 here.
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The DSC PG9920 is the wireless repeater for PowerG Sensors. The device works by taking the signal sent by a PowerG sensor and sending it out a second time. This effectively doubles the range of the device. This will give the device a signal range of up to 4km with a clear line of sight.

It's hard to imagine a scenario when the range of a PowerG Sensor isn't enough. Even without a repeater, a PowerG Sensor has a signal range of up to 2 km when used in open air. This is already the furthest range we have seen out of a wireless security sensor. But if a user finds that this isn't enough, the PowerG Repeater will certainly get the job done. Remember, signal range can be significantly reduced due to the presence of certain building materials. The PowerG Sensor can be great for ensuring that a device can communicate properly through thick walling or other construction.

The PowerG Sensors all communicate at a frequency of 915 MHz.. The PG9920 repeats signals at this frequency so that they can more effectively reach the alarm system. The device usually receives AC power from a wall outlet, but it also has a rechargeable backup battery that will keep the device powered for up to 48 hours. It also utilizes 128-bit AES encryption to protect itself and the devices connected to it. Overall, this is a great device for ensuring proper communication between a PowerG Panel and sensors.


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