Wired Carbon Monoxide Interface Modules

There are some carbon monoxide sensors that require an interface module. The interface module cuts device power and resets the sensor when fire alarms are cleared. The feature is needed for basic device operation. Multiple sensors can be used with one interface module. Buy CO interface modules here.
System Sensor COSMOD2W - i4 Interface Module
System Sensor COSMOD2W
i4 Interface Module
List Price: $116.00
Our Price: $82.99
System Sensor COSMOD4W - i4 Interface Module
System Sensor COSMOD4W
i4 Interface Module
List Price: $132.00
Our Price: $94.99

A user has to consider many things when choosing hardwired carbon monoxide sensors for their security system. Some of these devices will require an interface module to be set up. The easiest way to picture an interface module is to view it as a middleman between the security system and the sensor. The device will automatically reset power to the device when an alarm is cleared. This is important for getting the device to reset when an alarm is cleared.

The downside to using a carbon monoxide sensor that requires an interface module is that another piece of equipment is required for the setup. This is another piece of equipment that you will need to wire in and configure. If you are okay with this, then these carbon monoxide can still make for great additions to your system. You might also consider combination smoke and CO sensors that can detect fires and outbreaks of CO gas. This way, you get two useful functions in one convenient device.

However, if you want to add hardwired carbon monoxide sensors to your system, then there are easier options available. We generally recommend 4-wire carbon monoxide sensors for this purpose. Unlike 4-wire smoke detectors, 4-wire carbon monoxide sensors do not require any special equipment. This is because a 4-wire carbon monoxide sensor will reset on its own once the CO gas has cleared from the detection chamber. By using 4-wire CO sensors, you will have greater flexibility in choosing a zone.

You also have the option of using 2-wire CO detectors with your system. These devices will need to be connected with a special zone on the wired panel. For example, this is Zone 1 on VISTA Systems. However, the good news is that no additional equipment is needed. You can enroll multiple 2-wire carbon monoxide sensors at the same zone. This will require wiring them in parallel. But keep in mind that this will make it impossible to use 2-wire smoke detectors at this designated zone.

Should you decide to go the interface module route, you will need to set up another piece of equipment. But the good news is that you can usually use multiple life-safety sensors at this interface module. Additionally, if you have combination smoke and CO sensors, then the interface module will make it possible for the device to connect with multiple zones. You will need different zone settings for CO sensors than what you would use with smoke detectors.

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