Will an Encore FireFighter FF345 Work w/ a CO?

Yes, an Encore FireFighter FF345 will work with a CO. The FF345 listens for the unique temporal sound of an activated smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector. This listening device is great for integrating existing hardwired or conventional life-safety sensors with a new wireless system.

Encore firefighter ff345 circular smoke detector takeover module

The Encore FireFighter provides a unique solution in integrating an existing hardwired or conventional life-safety sensor with a wireless system. Most wired to wireless converter modules will not support life-safety sensors. This often means that a user has to buy all new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors when they make an upgrade to a newer wireless panel. This all changed with the FireFighter. Rather than integrating these existing sensors directly with the system, the FireFighter module acts as a sort of middleman between the sensor and the system.

As a life-safety sensor takeover module, the FireFighter can work with either a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide sensor, or a combination smoke/CO detector. Either temporal sound will activate the sensor and cause it to alert the system. When programming an Encore FireFighter, you should treat it no differently than a typical wireless smoke or CO detector. It must also have the appropriate Device Type and Response Type programmed. For best results, the FF345 should be installed within six inches of the detector that it is monitoring. Also, the sounder on the smoke or CO should be facing the listening vent on the FF345.

  • Version 1.0:
    • Always Rectangular
    • Uses Loop 2
    • Does not support CO Listening
  • Version 1.5+:
    • Can be rectangular or round
    • Uses Serial Number 1 (on sticker) with Loop 1 for Fire listening
    • Uses 2nd Serial Number (1-digit higher than SN on sticker) with Loop 1 for CO listening

If the user has an existing network of interconnected hardwired smokes or CO detectors, then a single FF345 can potentially take over the entire system. This is possible if the smokes or CO sensors operate on a one-go-all-go basis. This means that when one sensor detects smoke or CO, then all of the other sensors will begin sounding as well. The FF345 should be mounted near a detector that is somewhat isolated from the other sensors when possible. This way, the FF345 will "hear" only the detector it is mounted with, and will activate properly. This can be a quick and convenient way to quickly integrate a robust network of life-safety sensors with a new system.

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