Wired Natural Gas Detectors

Natural Gas leaks are a relatively frequent occurrence. With our wired natural gas detectors and alarm monitoring service, you can know for sure if a gas leak occurs in your home while you are away. These devices can be easily paired with a panel. Purchase natural gas sensors here.
Macurco GD-2A - Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
Macurco GD-2A
Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
List Price: $238.00
Our Price: $155.99
Macurco GD-2B - Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
Macurco GD-2B
Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
List Price: $262.00
Our Price: $171.99

Natural gas is a natural resource that has many uses in society. It is used both residentially and commercially as a power source. Natural gas is commonly used as fuel for electrical power, and it is also used in heating systems. This energy can also be used to heat water, cook food and dry clothes. Some commercial vehicles also use natural gas as a power supply. With its great versatility and relatively safe function, natural gas represents one of the most commonly used power sources.

However, its frequent use means that natural gas leaks are surprisingly common. Although natural gas is non-toxic, there is still concern when leaks occur. Natural gas is highly flammable, and it can cause an explosion if it is exposed to a flame or a spark. These leaks happen to due damaged pipes and loose fittings. While you can take every precaution to prevent natural gas leaks, it's still possible that one might occur.

Using a natural gas detector is a great way to determine if a natural gas leak occurs while you are away. Natural gas suppliers typically add sulphur to natural gas so that a building occupant will be able to quickly identify a leak when it occurs. This is what gives natural gas its distinct "rotten eggs" smell. This scent is easily identifiable, and most natural gas leaks are quickly detected as a result.

But if a natural gas leak occurs while you are away, then you will have no way of knowing about the issue. Fortunately, you can add a natural gas detector to your alarm system. If the natural gas detectors senses unusually high levels of natural gas, then it will alert the security system. You can then receive an alert to your smartphone or email address from an interactive service like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. This way, you can take the appropriate action before returning home.

In high concentrations, natural gas exposure can result in some physical symptoms. These include headaches, dizziness, nausea, eye and throat irritation, fatigue, breathing problems and more. Natural gas exposure is not as dangerous as carbon monoxide exposure, and a natural gas leak normally does not warrant the dispatch of emergency services. But it is still something to keep in mind if your home is prone to leaks.

As wired sensors, the natural gas detectors listed on this page must be wired directly with a panel. This makes them good for use with hardwired systems. You can also use them with wireless systems, but you will need a compatible wired to wireless converter module. Wireless system users are advised to purchase wireless natural gas detectors instead. We recommend placing natural gas detectors near gas appliances that may present a leak. This includes stoves and water heaters that use natural gas power.

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