Wired Propane Detectors

Wired propane detectors are important fire safety devices that make for important additions to any barbecue or outdoor cooking setup. A propane leak could result in a fire or other major damage. A wired propane detector will alert your system before this happens. Buy wired propane detectors from us.
Macurco GD-2A - Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
Macurco GD-2A
Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
List Price: $238.00
Our Price: $155.99
Macurco GD-2B - Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
Macurco GD-2B
Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
List Price: $262.00
Our Price: $171.99

Propane is a very widely used heat source that makes our lives easier in many ways. The fuel is frequently used in furnaces to heat buildings. It is also used in household water heaters to make our baths and showers more enjoyable. If you have a dryer or a stove, then there is a good chance that propane is used in those appliances as well. And of course, propane fuels many backyard barbecues. Propane can even be used to fuel certain vehicles as an alternative to gasoline. All of this makes propane extremely versatile. But you still need to be careful when using it and take proper precaution.

Some people may refer to propane as LPG. This refers to liquid propane gas. Liquid propane and regular propane are actually the same substance. The terms are even used interchangeably throughout the barbecue and grilling industry. While there are some technical differences, they can be considered the same thing for the most par. So if you ever hear LPG, then it is basically the same as propane.

Storing propane inside a tank is a very common practice. When doing this, the propane is put under very intense pressure. By applying intense pressure, the gaseous substance will actually convert itself into a liquid. This results in a dramatic temperature drop for the substance. In fact, storing propane in a tank causes its temperature to drop to around negative forty (-40) degrees Fahrenheit. This is why a propane tank will feel cold to the touch. It also explains why there is typically condensation on these tanks on a hot summer day. Once you open the propane valve, the liquid propane will convert itself into its gaseous form. The gas is then able to perform its duties as a heat source.

There are usually additive applied to propane to make leaks easier to detect. There is a distinct smell to these additives that will be quickly noticed by anyone on-site. This makes it possible for a propane leak to be detected. But propane detectors are still important, because they can alert your system to propane leaks that occur while you are away from home. The propane detectors listed on this page are all hardwired devices that connect with a panel through a wired connection. The sensor will activate upon detecting an unusually high level of propane gas. The system will then respond based on the programming settings for that zone. Propane detectors are great for pairing with a service like Alarm.com or Total Connect 2.0 so that you are made aware of the issue wherever you are.

Propane leaks are a rather serious concern, as they are likely to cause fire. Additionally, a propane leak is a waste of energy, and it can result in a spike in your energy costs. Fortunately, a propane leak isn't a serious emergency. It isn't as dangerous as breathing in carbon monoxide gas. But you still need to take action as soon as you can. There are some unpleasant medical symptoms that can occur when a person is exposed to propane gas.

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