Wireless Panic Buttons for Offices

Wireless panic buttons can make a great addition to any office. You can mount the panic buttons under a desk or on the wall to conveniently and discreetly contact the authorities in an emergency situation. These devices communicate with a security system. Buy wireless panic buttons for offices here.
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Panic buttons are switches that you can press in the event of an emergency. These are often used during robberies, fires and medical emergencies. Many workers want these switches available in the office so that they can call for help in a time of distress. It is possible that someone may try to rob your business or office, and you might want to have an easily accessible panic switch available for such cases. You can press the button to request immediate help in these scary situations.

You can program your panic buttons in a number of different ways. Some users will want their panic buttons to trigger standard intrusion alarms. This means that any sirens setup with the system will activate during the alarm. This is good for scaring off intruders and making it known that the police are on the way. Many users prefer this as it minimizes any damage. The sooner you get the intruder out of the building, the better. However, some intruders may react violently upon knowing that their cover has been blown.

Another option is to program panic switches to trigger silent intrusion alarms. A silent alarm is basically the same as an audible intrusion alarm, except that sirens, sounders and strobes do not activate. This is more of a secret alarm that you can use to discreetly contact the authorities. The intruder won't know that the police are on the way. When the authorities do arrive, they can take control of the situation and apprehend the intruder.

You don't have to use panic buttons for calling the police. Some users may want them for contacting the fire department. This is often the case in work environments that are particularly dangerous and a fire may occur. You can press the button to send a fire signal to the central station and get the help that you need. This is often quicker than waiting for a smoke detector or a heat detector to activate. You will need to program the panic button accordingly for this to work.

Many nursing homes and other care facilities install panic buttons for quickly alerting emergency technicians. In these cases, the wireless panic buttons are essentially the same as medical alert buttons. The only difference is that they are not worn on someone's person. Instead, they are mounted in an accessible location so that they can be activated when needed. An end user might also have one of these devices placed in the home so that a caregiver can quickly request emergency medical help if needed.

Remember, you will need alarm monitoring service to use wireless panic buttons for offices. These devices are only useful if the system can report out to a central monitoring station. Once a dispatcher receives an incoming distress signal, they will contact the local authorities for help immediately. Most panic buttons have false alarm prevention methods put into place. This can be something like requiring the button to be held down for multiple seconds before an alarm will occur.

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