How Do I Program a 5802WXT to a Lynx Touch or Lyric Controller?

You can program a 5802WXT to a Lynx Touch or Lyric Controller by auto-enrolling the sensor through the zone programming mode of the panel. You will need to know your panel's Installer Code to do this. After enrolling the 5802WXT, you should then adjust its settings and test the device.

Complete the following steps to program a Honeywell 5802WXT to a Lynx Touch or Lyric Controller:

1. Access zone programming. From the home screen of your Lynx or Lyric, go to Security > More (if using Lynx) > Tools > enter Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program > Zones. You will now be in zone programming.

2. Auto-enroll the device. Click on an available zone to highlight it. Then select "Edit" at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Serial Number" field. Your panel will enter enrollment mode. Auto-enroll the device by faulting and restoring the 5802WXT three times. You can fault and restore the 5802WXT by pressing and holding its center button for 2-3 seconds and then releasing the button. Your panel should beep after each successful fault and restore. Verify that the serial number shown on the screen is correct. After three faults and restores, your 5802WXT should be successfully enrolled, and you will be taken back to the programming screen for that zone.

3. Adjust the settings. From the current screen, you can adjust settings for the device. Make the following selections:

  • The Loop Number should be set to Loop 1.
  • Use the Zone Descriptors to name the device.
  • You will want to set the Device Type to "Fire", "Police" or "Medical" depending on how you intend to use the button. Selecting "Fire" will automatically set the Response Type to "Fire no Verification", with no other Response Type options. Selecting "Police" will automatically select a Response Type of "24 Hour Audible", with other options available. Selecting "Medical" will automatically select a Response Type of "24 Hour Auxiliary", with other options available.
  • For Response Type, "24 Hour Audible" will have the system produce a siren when the button is pressed. If you want to disable this feature, "24 Hour Silent" will have the button function as a silent panic button, and no audible sound or visual indication will be made. Additionally, "24 Hour Auxiliary" will have the system make an audible confirmation that the button has been pressed, but it will not produce a full-on siren.
  • Set Alarm Report to "Yes" if you want the central monitoring station to be notified when you press the button.
  • Keep Chime "Disabled".
  • For Supervision, set the option to "Supervised" if you intend on keeping the device inside your home or business at all times. If you ever intend on taking outside your home or business (e.g. keeping it in your car), set the option to "Unsupervised" to prevent a trouble condition from being displayed on your panel.

Once you have adjusted the settings, click "Save" in the bottom-right corner of the screen to save your changes. Then press the return arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen until you return to the home screen. Make sure to choose "Yes" when you are asked to allow the Installer to reenter programming (if using Lynx).

4. Test the device. Contact your alarm monitoring company, and tell them to place your system in test mode. Once your system is in test mode, press and hold the button on the 5802WXT for 3 seconds. Depending on the Response Type selected, an audible alarm should occur. If 24 Hour Silent was selected, check with the monitoring station to verify an alarm was received. You can then disarm your system using any valid user code to clear the alarm. Finally, have your monitoring company take your system off of test mode.

The video below will help you program a 5802WXT into your panel:

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